DB Tommie Campbell Conference Call


(on being surprised at all where he was picked)

To be honest, I'm just happy to be going. I'm very happy to be going. You know, I talked to the defensive coordinator awhile back and he told me that he liked me so I'm just happy to be going to Tennessee. I'm happy to be a Titan.

(on what he considers to be his strengths and can bring to the Titans)

I'll always bring hard work in practice and just a winning attitude every day no matter what, you know, just another win.

(on his size)

Six foot, two seven so you can say six three, 205 (lbs).

(on his speed)

I ran a 4.31, 4.33 forty.

(on attending the combine)

No, I didn't get invited.

(on having the feeling of being a diamond in the rough)

You could say that but you know, I went to the University of Pittsburgh to start out and ended up there. I guess you can say I am a diamond in the rough.

(on how he ended up at California, Pa.)

I transferred. I left Pitt and Edinboro and I ended up back to Cal after I was working at the airport as a janitor.

(on how long he worked as a janitor)

I worked at the airport as a janitor for about six months.

(on deciding to get back into football)

Yeah, pretty much. I got a call from Cal. I didn't expect to play football again at one point. Got a call from Cal and went up there and did everything that they asked me to do.

(on his feelings of having a chance to play in the NFL)

Yeah, it's a wonderful feeling. I've got two kids I have to feed. It's a wonderful feeling man, wonderful.

(on where he worked as a janitor and how many days a week)

At Pittsburgh International Airport. Full-time.

(on how many other teams he thinks were interested in him)

A couple of teams talked to me. I had a couple of teams call me and told me that I was probably not going to be drafted but that they would give me the free agent rout.

(on what Coach Jerry Gray said he liked about Campbell's play)

My size and speed.

(on him being projected more as a corner or safety in the NFL)

To tell you the truth, I can play either one of them at a very high level, to be honest.

(on being worried that he has bounced around different schools and that being a team's concerns)

Yeah, I was very worried about that because I knew going in that the questions would be about my character. I wasn't a bad person, I just didn't take care of my off the field responsibilities of being a student-athlete. It was pretty much that I went to three different schools.

(on his feelings of flying into Pittsburgh with the team after working there previously)

I mean it is just a reminder man. It's just a reminder to keep working hard because that's who I use to be. It's going to remind me like, you can go back to cleaning toilets or you can play football.

(on having ever met Ty Law who is from same home town, Aliquippa)

I mean, yeah I've met Ty Law before a couple of times. You know I was on the same team as Darelle Revis in high school. I never really tried to be like anybody besides myself.

(on if he stays in touch with Revis)

No, I haven't been in contact with Darelle lately, but me and him were close and went to Pitt together.

(on if grades are what made him withdraw from Pittsburgh)

Yeah, just with grades.

(on how he was around so long in the draft considering his measurables)

I guess so. I guess if I would have stayed at Pitt then I probably would have gotten drafted higher. You know, I really don't care as long as I got a chance to compete in the camp. That's all that really matters.

(on how old his children are and if that provides any additional pressure to succeed)

I've got one that's five years old and one, one year old. Yeah, it puts a lot. My five year old looks up to me so it's a lot of pressure. Everything I do, you know he's watching so.

(on why he only made four starts in 12 games)

Yeah, I got hurt. I messed my hamstring up in a football game. So I played at the beginning of the season hurt and I didn't really get healthy towards the end of the year.

(on what he needs to do to make in on the NFL level)

Just go in and do whatever they ask me to do. I guess that's the best answer that I can give you but that's what I can do.

(on if he ever visited Nashville)

No, I've never been to Nashville, never been to the Music City.

(on chances of succeeding in Nashville)

I like it a lot. I'm just going to take it one day at a time.

(on where he watched the draft and with who)

Canterbury Theater. I've got my two kids with me. 

(on when he is headed to Nashville)

Man, as soon as I can.

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