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Dare to Compare? Comparing Ryan Tannehill's First 16 Starts in Tennessee to Previous Titans QBs


NASHVILLE – Ryan Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans in Week 7 of the 2019 season.

Tannehill guided the team to the AFC Championship Game, and he earned a new contract this offseason.

This past Sunday, Tannehill made his 16th regular season start. The Titans are 12-4 in his 16 starts heading into Sunday's game against the Bengals.

So, how does Tannehill's 16-game stretch as a starter compare to previous Titans starters?

Hint: He's at the top.

Here's a look at the best passer ratings in a QB's first 16 starts with the Titans (minimum 16 starts; excludes attempts in non-starts):


Rank: 1.

Player: Ryan Tannehill.

Pass Attempts: 473.

Completions: 327.

Completion Percentage: 69.1 %.

Pass Yards: 4,188.

TDs: 37.

Interceptions: 7.

Rating: 116.5.


Rank: 2

Player: Marcus Mariota.

Pass Attempts: 506.

Completions: 310.

Completion Percentage: 61.3.

Pass Yards: 3,743.

TDs: 23.

Interceptions: 15.

Rating: 86.8.


Rank: 3.

Player: Matt Hasselbeck.

Pass Attempts: 518.

Completions: 319.

Completion Percentage: 61.6.

Pass Yards: 3,571.

TDs: 18.

Interceptions: 14.

Rating: 82.4.


Rank: 4

Player: Steve McNair.

Pass Attempts: 405.

Completions: 224.

Completion Percentage: 55.3.

Pass Yards: 3,067.

TDs: 17.

Interceptions: 11.

Rating: 82.4


Rank: 5.

Player: Jake Locker.

Pass Attempts: 466.

Completions: 271.

Completion Percentage: 58.2.

Pass Yards: 3,223.

TDs: 18.

Interceptions: 12.

Rating: 81.5.


Rank: 6.

Player: Kerry Collins.

Pass Attempts: 481.

Completions: 271.

Completion Percentage: 56.3.

Pass Yards: 3,044.

TDs: 12.

Interceptions: 12.

Rating: 73.3.


Rank: 7.

Player: Vince Young.

Pass Attempts: 400.

Completions: 216.

Completion Percentage: 54.0.

Pass Yards: 2,492.

TDs: 14.

Interceptions: 14.

Rating: 70.1.

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