Cramer takes part in Nashville Opera campaign

NASHVILLE, TN, March 19, 2008 – Titans Fullback Casey Cramer made a guest appearance at Dan Mills Elementary last week for a special performance, Nashville Opera's Steven Malone and Andrew Duncan's take on the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling.


Cramer is one of the 15 local celebrities supporting the Nashville Opera's "Raise Your Glasses" Campaign.

The charming 40-minute children's opera was complete with full sets and costumes and featured four professional opera singers from Nashville Opera's Mary Ragland Young Artist Program.

As the guest star, Cramer taught the students at Dan Mills Elementary Italian words for how to applaud at an opera, using signs with the words written on them to hold up for the kids to shout out after teaching them each one:

"Bravo!"- When a man finishes singing a song, or "aria"

"Brava!" - When a woman finishes singing and aria, and

"Bravi!" - When a group finishes singing an ensemble piece.


Opera singers from Nashville Opera's Mary Ragland Young Artist Program put on a special show for the students of Dan Mills Elementary.

A man with an appreciation of the arts, Cramer was approached to make a guest appearance in *The Ugly Duckling *performance in conjunction with his previous work with the Nashville Opera's "Raise Your Glasses" campaign.

The campaign , which features Cramer as one of 15 local celebrities prominently displayed on Nashville billboards, has been very successful, raising just over $9.5 million of its $12 million goal. More information about the campaign CLICK HERE or visit

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