Conference Call: WR Damian Williams


(on where he expected to be drafted)


I had hoped a little higher but I can't complain.

(on why he can't complain about the draft selection)


I get an opportunity to play in the NFL, playing for a great team. Coach Fisher is a USC guy and I got a chance to talk to him. I'm just elated to be picked.

(on how he thinks he will fit in with the Titans)


I think it will be good. The one thing I'll get to work in the return game and that is something that I'm happy about and can't wait to do. They have a great group of young guys at receiver and I can't wait to go there and try to contribute.

(on what type of returner he is)


I think I'm alright. I returned a couple this past year. I've always wanted to do it, so I think we will be alright.

(on being a returner at USC)


I was behind a couple guys that were pretty good. I've always worked at it and I've worked at it every year since I have been in high school. I can't wait to do it.

(on if he's better at returning punts or kicks)


I've done both. I'm probably better with punts but I've done both.

(on if the Titans told him what a big need they have at the returner position)


Yes they did.

(on what they told him about the need for a returner)


They are just excited about my ability and they can't wait to see me come in and try to earn a spot.

(on how he ended up transferring to USC from Arkansas and if he was nervous about the transition)


Yeah, definitely. You have to be nervous when you go into a situation like that. It's tough. I knew what kind of guy I was. I'm a hard worker. I'm dedicated. Anything I've ever put my mind to I've been able to accomplish. That's something, even this dream of being in the NFL, is one more thing that I can try to achieve.

(on how long he has been dreaming of playing in the NFL)


Since I was knee high. I've had this dream for a long time.

(on if he is friends with Titans running back Lendale White)


We're real close and I'm sure I will talk to him in a couple minutes.

(on how quickly he thinks he can get up to speed and help out at receiver position)


Hopefully right away. I know they have a good group of guys. Hopefully I just get the chance to come into camp and show them what I can do and hopefully they have enough faith in me where I can get the job done.

(on teams that showed interest in him leading up to the draft)


Seattle, Carolina, New England and Denver. The Titans kind of took me by surprise. It was a team I wasn't quite expecting. I was so happy to get the call.

(on if he's talked to the Titans at all during this process)


I talked to them during the combine. That was one time that I really got a chance to talk to them. Outside of that I haven't.

(on why he thinks former USC coach and current Seattle coach Pete Carroll didn't pick him in the draft)


I don't know. He chose whoever he thought was best there to get the job done. Golden Tate is a great player. I got a chance to play against him and he is a great athlete. I think he will do well up there. I think that just wasn't the right place for me.

(on if he's looking forward to being closer to home now)

** Yeah, I think this is definitely a lot closer to home. It's not too far. That's a good move.

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