Conference Call: Texans QB Matt Schaub



(on how helpful the break has been)

It was much needed. It was a good break physically just to recharge the battery and heal up a little bit after two very long football games within four and a half days. It was a nice little break here late in the season, getting ready for December to recharge the battery a little bit.

(on how much pressure there is to keep the winning streak up)

Right now, we're in a position that every team is going to give us their best shot because of the situation we're in as a team. I think just the sense of urgency on our part of wanting to get the next win and keep things going and not necessarily thinking about a winning streak, just trying to go out and get another win and that sense of urgency to do that just fuels us to try to continue to make plays to win the game.

(on if it means more to sweep the Titans or win a franchise-best 11th game for the season)

I think just going out to win a game this week, go 1-0 against the Titans this week and just focus all our energy on what it's going to take this Sunday to just beat the Titans this game.

(on Andre Johnson's improved play)

I think it's a combination of all of those things. I think he feels real good, he's healthy. He's feels better now than he has in a long while. I think that helps. The fact that he's been practicing his normal workload each week, each day. He just continues to keep himself feeling really good and fresh to get ready for Sunday. I think all those things factor into it. In turn, he's showing that by making a ton of plays for us.

(on what's been clicking for him as a quarterback)

Really just relying on all of my weapons. Just making plays, doing what I'm asked to do within the framework of our offense. I have a lot of guys that can make plays for me, and it's just my job to distribute the ball to each one of them, and get them in the right spot to where they can make a play with it. That's my role and that's my job. I've just tried to execute to my utmost.

(on Keshawn Martin's improvement)

He's gotten a lot better for us. He's really grown as a player. A young receiver in our offense, we ask him to do so much. He's really grown into that role and has done a nice job for us. He's started coming along making more plays for us. He's making a lot of plays now on special teams, being the return guy for us. The more reps he gets, the better he gets. We're really encouraged by the progress he's made.

(on any improvements the Titans have made on defense since they faced the Titans in September)

They're an active group. They make a lot of plays. They make it tough on opposing offenses to find big plays down the field. Their front is very athletic and can rush the passer. Their secondary and second-level defenders have played a lot of football together, and you can really see how it all works and gels together. It's a really active group that challenges you from the start of the play until the end. It's something that we really have to be on top of our game plan to go make plays.

(on how tough it may be to have a coordinator switch in the middle of the season)

I've never been a part of that myself, but I can imagine it might be somewhat difficult. It's not like you're bringing in someone totally new to operate the system midseason. Someone from within is doing that. I don't know, I can't really speak on that because I've never really had to deal with it.

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