Conference Call: S Nick Schommer


(On getting a call late on the second day)

For a while I was getting a little suspect of the situation. The phone pretty much has been dead all day and then I got a call from Seattle about 15 to 20 minutes before Tennessee called and then I got a call from Tennessee and they asked me if I wanted to be a Titan and there was no hesitation.

(On what Seattle said)

They told me that they had a couple of picks coming up here and to be next to my phone and be waiting in case they took me.

(On what he knows about the Titans)

A different part of the country and it's going to be a different climate for me being from the upper Midwest here but I know they have a good football team. I am just excited to be a part of it.

(On where he fits in a NFL defense)

Free safety wise, I feel like I am pure free safety. I feel I man the middle of the field real well. I come up and hit people when I have to and just ball hawk.

(On special team participation)

I've played special teams pretty much my whole career. Being a late round draft pick and a smaller school guy, I know I am going to have to come in there and contribute to special teams right away and that will be one of my main focuses. I love playing special teams and I will do anything to help the team.

(On thoughts of being drafted being a possibility)

To be honest, probably not until a couple of weeks ago. Coming in after football season, you know I was just hoping to get a shot maybe as a free agent. As it got closer to draft time, I started hearing some better things from my agent and what not. Then it just became a reality. It's awesome.

(On scouts visiting North Dakota State)

Yeah, there were quite a few. We had 11 at our Pro Day which is pretty good for a small school.

(On any inkling the Titans were interested in him)

Not really. I didn't have much of an idea at all to be honest with you. It was kind of a shock when I got the call. I had no idea.

(On what he knows about Nashville)

Isn't it the Music City something I think. I am not really familiar with the town but I know my defensive back coach, he just got a job down at the University of Tennessee. So it will be cool to be kind of close to him again.

(On talking to his former coach about being drafted to Tennessee)

No, I've been pretty busy on the phone right now, getting a lot of text messages from my friends, which is pretty cool but I will give him a call later tonight and just talk to him about it a little bit.


(On whom the people of North Dakota cheer for in the NFL)

A lot of those guys cheer for the Vikings. I wasn't one of those guys but definitely a pure Titans fan now.

(On if being from Wisconsin meant he was a Packers fan)

I've been a Packers fan pretty much my whole life but not no more.


(On spending tonight studying the Titans)

Yeah, I am going to have to. I am going to get on their website and see what the situation is.

(On what are his strengths)


I have the mentality of a blue collar worker. I bring my lunch pale and my hat to work every day and do the little things, that kind of stuff. Just be a team player. I bring that and just my free safety abilities as the man in the middle and being a ball hawk.

(On his speed)

I am not really sure what I ran at Pro Day this year. I know it wasn't as good as I had liked to. I pulled my groin warming up. I heard mid to high 4.5. I know last year when I ran as a junior, when I was healthy, I ran a 4.47.


(On the number of guys from NDSU that has made it to the NFL)

We have a handful probably. The biggest name guys would be Phil Hansen, Lamar Gordon. We had a guy get drafted last year by Philadelphia in the 6th round. We got a safety, a couple of years ago, that won a Super Bowl ring with the Giants. Tyrone Braxton is from NDSU. There's a couple, not too many though.

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