Conference call: Lions WR Calvin Johnson


(On the possibility of beginning the Titans first losing streak of the year)

Yeah, definitely. One, playing on Thanksgiving, guys are going to be a little bit more excited when we go out there. Two, they're coming off a loss so we know they're going to be ready so we have to be on top of our game.

(On what's special about the Thanksgiving game in Detroit)

It's just tradition, you know. I watched this game growing up and I'm happy to come up here be able to play on Thanksgiving when everybody's watching.

(On if he's okay with playing every Thanksgiving as long as he's with the Lions)

There's nothing wrong with that. We can turn things around here. Like I said earlier, it's tradition to play on Thanksgiving, it's kind of cool.

(On if they feel closer to getting their first win)

Yeah, we're getting closer I believe. The mindset on the team, the morale is still good. Guys are still working hard and as long as we go out there and execute like we do in practice, we'll be okay.

(On if it's been tough coming from a winning program in college)

Yeah, it's been tough. We were talking about at the beginning of the season, someone said, "Man, I've never been 0-2 before." Now we're 0-11. So yes, of course it's been tough. Guys don't want to go down in history for being one of the worst teams so guys are going to step it up here.

(On how he's seen teammates handle it and how he's handled it)

I would say I handle it pretty well myself. I'm just out there with the rest of my receivers just talking about controlling the things that we can control and making the plays that we have to make. As a team, as long as the morale still seems good then I think guys are handling it pretty well.

(On the fan reaction)

I mean you can tell it hasn't been that great. We've had several blackouts in the last few weeks. The city just wants to win, we have great fans here but they just want to win.

(On what's stopping the team from turning things around)

Like I said, it's just execution. We have good practices every week but it just doesn't correlate to the games.

(On what stands out about the Titans cornerbacks)

They're physical guys so we have to be on our game and be ready to play on Thursday.

(On the Titans defense as a whole)

They have a great front four. Everybody knows that. It's going to be a good challenge for us.

(On tapping into the tradition of Lions wins on Thanksgiving even in tougher years)

I hope so. I really don't know the history behind the wins and losses on Thanksgiving. But like I said, if we just execute like we do in practice we'll be all right.

(On his success as a deep threat)

Just making my plays, man. Just controlling what I can, doing what I have to do. Just making my plays when they present themselves.

(On what he's improved on this year)

I've just been better running routes. That's the one thing I worked on a lot this offseason. I've seen a big difference in watching film from last year to this year.

(On how much he notices opposing teams shifting safety help over to his side)

They do it every now and then. They watch film and try to learn our tendencies and what we do on certain downs. I guess on whatever down they feel that we'll pass, they'll try to shift the safety sometimes.

(On if they'll try to utilize short, quick passes like the Jets did)

Yeah, we've seen it in film. There's some things that we may take from them here and there but we're still out here practicing, getting ready, just trying to get ready for this game on Thursday.

(On if the Titans secondary is tougher to attack down the field or right off the line)

Really, all season, we haven't had a problem getting off the line of scrimmage. We just have to get down field and make our plays and that will be the big test, making the plays down field.

(On how Daunte Culpepper is fitting in)

Daunte has come in and had a big impact and he's taking control on this offense. He's still learning but we're learning him at the same time. Our chemistry is growing and every week it's getting better and better.

(On the biggest adjustment for him coming into the league)

Just learning the playbook. The playbook was more sophisticated here than in college.

(On how long it took for him to start to feel comfortable)

It wasn't too long after the whole year was over last year. During the offseason I got everything down pat.

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