Conference Call: LB Rennie Curran


(on where he expected to be drafted)


I didn't really go into it with any expectations. I just wanted to get on a team and wanted to show a coaching staff what I can do and just be a part of a community and have some new teammates. I'm just excited. I'm so grateful.

(on who informed him of the drafting)


It was one of the coaches, the head coach. That was the best call of my life, the best sound, that number and just picking up that phone call my heart skipped a beat.

(on what role will he will play in rookie season)


I think they can use me on the inside or outside linebacker position. Wherever they put me I am going to play my heart out and pretty much try to do the same things I did a UGA is be consistent, try to be a leader, try to be a guy they can depend on whether it's on special teams or whether it's on a scrimmage down. I want to be an every down player.

(on preference of position)

Either one. I feel like I have the speed to play outside and get on the edge and stick with any tight end and play running back man-to-man. And I feel like I can do well in the middle as well and wreak havoc and run the defense. I feel like I have the ability to do that. Wherever they put me I feel like I will be able to make the best of the position and contribute to the defense.


(on compensation for height disadvantage)

As far as my height goes, I don't play barefoot. When I put my cleats on and my helmet on I am about 6'1 or 6'2. I am not weak either. I may be a little bit shorter but I am not weak by any means. I use my strength and I use my quickness to my advantage and I play with a lot of leverage. If you ever watch film on me you know that the game of football is really about who is the lowest. The lowest men always win and that's what I use to my advantage. That leverage and that's what I use it to take over blockers and to make my tackles. It's good technique.


(on linebackers he patterns game after)

There's a lot of linebackers. That's another thing being a short guy, I realize I am not the first one to do it and I'm not going to be the last guy. I am a guy on a long list of many greats. There's Jessie Tuggles, Dexter Coakley, Zach Thomas, the list can go on. Gary Brackett, now London Fletcher, the list can go on. I really feel like those are guys who I look up to and many of them I talk to. I talk to Ray Lewis, he is a guy who they say was undersized. Jessie Tuggle, I talk to him all the time. London Fletcher, I talk to him as well. All those guys I look up to and I feel like I can be just as good if not better.


(on how much he knows about the Titans' players)

I did a little bit of research on them before I came for my visit. I talked to Randall Godfrey; he actually lives, pretty much like 15 minutes from me so I talk to him a lot. I've got a couple of teammates already on there. Fernando Velasco and another teammate but can't remember his name right now. I've done a lot of research on the team and I fit in well with them. They are a very aggressive defense and I feel like I am going to fit perfectly with their defensive scheme.


(on being compared to other linebackers taken earlier in the draft)

They're all great players. I feel like we all brought something different. Some teams were looking for 3-4 linebackers, outside linebackers and it really showed. Teams went after what they really needed. I feel like as far as production, I can put my numbers against any of them that went above me. I am just glad a team took a chance on me and they will not regret.


(on being an impact player early)

I am looking to make an impact. I am not a guy that is going to settle for anything less than the best. I want to come in, and whether I have to play special teams and start off there, I will do whatever it takes to get on the field. I am not a guy that quits. Being my size, I am always trying to be perfect at everything I do when it comes down to technique and pure wanting it. Every time I am on the field I am going to want it more than anybody out there. If you watch my film, you are going to see that, a guy who wants it, who is going to be going full speed even in the fourth quarter. Even when the team is on your one, I am going to be giving it my all.

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