Conference call: Jets RB Thomas Jones


(On what stands out about the Titans defense)

They're physical, they have some really good athletes over there on defense and they play well together. They have a lot of guys that have played in that defense for a while so they have a good chemistry. They're a very physical defense and they play hard.

(On if Albert Haynesworth is the most disruptive force he's ever seen on film)

Oh yes, definitely. Hanyesworth comes off the ball, he's strong and if you let him, he can dominate a game. He's a great player. Like I said, they have a really good front seven, they're physical up front and their defensive backfield knows how to get to the ball and make plays.

(On if it's harder for a team to be successful that's built on defense and running the ball compared to teams that just air it out)

You know what, it just depends on how effective you are and they're very effective running the ball. They manage the ball well and their defense comes in and stops teams when they need to and their offense is able to run the ball when they need to and they can throw the ball when they need to. Kerry Collins has done a great job this year. Justin Gage is having a great year, I played with him in Chicago, he's one of my good friends and is having a good season. They have guys that know how to step up and make plays when they have to.

(On why it didn't work out between Justin Gage and the Bears)

I'm not sure, honestly. Sometimes when people get a change of scenery it bodes well for them. I think that was the situation with Justin, he just needed a change of scenery. I'm happy for him and he's doing a really good job this year.

(On if having a few extra days off has helped prepare for the Titans)

Yeah, we had a couple days off which is always great, great to hit the reset button and get ready for the last stretch of the season. Playing those two games in the short week is tough, especially on your body physically. Having that time to recover and get in the weight room and the cold tub and things like that definitely helps you.

(On the difference in this year's matchup against the Titans than last year)

It's a big game for us. It's a big game and last year we looked at it the same, obviously, our record wasn't the same but we take every game seriously here. We're going to go out and play as hard as we can and expect to do well.

(On how much of a boost the team got when Brett Favre was acquired)

It was a major boost with him. He's a proven quarterback, he's played a long time, seen a lot of defenses, he's been in a lot of big games so it brings a lot of leadership and experience to the team. We're happy to have him.

(On if seeing Brett Favre's emotion up close is as real as it looks)

Yeah, he's an emotional player. He goes out there and plays hard every game and he loves the game of football. You don't retire and come back unless you love the game. He definitely loves being out there and we like having him out there. He fits in well with the team, fits in well with the offense and now that he's kind of been here for a while, we've had a lot of opportunities to get our timing down. He's had an opportunity to learn the offense more and he's developed a nice chemistry as a quarterback.

(On Brett Favre's impact on the community)

Obviously, when you bring a guy of his caliber to the team, especially on offense, people respond to it well. The fans have responded well from the first day he came, the first day of practice. Fans came out, supported him and supported us so it's been good for the team.

(On the notion that the defense was booed by fans in training camp when the knocked down a Favre pass)

I don't even remember. It was so long ago I don't even remember. If fans come to training camp and they're out there at practice, if they see something they don't like they'll boo and if they see something they like they'll cheer. It's the nature of practice in training camp. Honestly, I don't even remember a play like that.

(On if they're looking at this game as a potential preview of an AFC Championship)

You never know. We're not even looking that far ahead, honestly. We've got a long season left, a lot of football left to play. We have a great opportunity this year and we're going to take advantage of the situation we're in. We're taking this one day at a time, not even one game at a time, one day at a time. We'll go out and practice today and work on our game plan and try to have everything down before we play Tennessee. We're not remotely looking that far ahead in the schedule.

(On where the Titans rank in terms of toughest teams they play this year)

They're 10-0 so they're a great team. You don't just win 10 games in this league and not be a good football team. So they're up there, they're way up there and they're a great team that's had a lot of success this year.

(On if teams get more motivation to play an unbeaten team)

You know you have an opportunity to go out there and play well and try to knock them off. Obviously, it's a challenge. It's the NFL. It's professional football so guys love games like this at this level. Guys want to step up and make plays to prove a point and try to showcase the talent that we have. Anytime you play a 10-0 team you want to be ready to play.

(On his impressions of Chris Johnson)

Man, he's having a great year, a great year. He's fast, elusive, he's had a great season, him and LenDale White, they complement each other well. They both run hard. They both bring different things to the table but at the end of the day they both can make plays when they need to.

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