Conference call: Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio


(On if the offensive line is starting to settle a little)

Well, I thought the line played better last week for us. It's going to be two weeks in a row with that lineup so we're looking forward to getting it settled down and having a little more continuity.

(On facing a team for the second time in a season)

I think obviously each game is different and takes on its own shape and form. Certainly both teams will be looking to make some adjustments. No two plans are exactly alike. There is familiarity. These two teams know each other because we do play each other at least twice a year. For us, we're just geared up to give them a great effort. We know right now they're really rolling. They have a heck of a season going and right now they're way out in front to have home-field advantage. [It's] a strong challenge coming on Sunday.

(On if there's extra incentive to play an undefeated team)

Well, I'm not sure if they get extra incentive or not. I know being the number one seed in the AFC obviously is quite an honor. They're making a case for it right now so we're just going to get prepared to give our best effort on Sunday.

(On if Quentin Groves and Derrick Harvey are getting more comfortable on the defensive line)

Well, as young guys I think they're doing a good job working at it and they're both giving great energy. Both have talent so the important thing for them is they're working at it. Missing camp for Derrick set him back a little bit. I think at this point he's probably where he would have been if he had been here in camp so we've kind of caught up now in the second half of the season. Hopefully he can have the kind of impact and continue to improve.

(On what's changed about the Titans since they last played)

They just do a lot of things right. They're just winning games. Right now they're very, very strong and nobody's been able to be that close. They've been having their way with people so we're just getting ready for what we know is going to be a heck of a challenge.

(On if he's more surprised that they're 4-5 or that the Titans are 9-0)

Well, certainly I'd prefer to have a few more wins in the win column for us. I think they've earned their way. They're the elite team right now in the league and they've done that by beating people and earning it. We're just getting ready to play them.

(On what he sees from Kerry Collins that's changed since he took over at quarterback)

I think that'd probably be a better question for Jeff [Fisher]. He's watched all nine games or all eight and a quarter games or whatever. From our standpoint, we recognize the guy's a good football player having an MVP-type season. We're just trying to see what we can do to slow him down and keep a real close eye on their run game.

(On if he thinks he's gotten the expected production out of his linebackers)

I think defensively we set a pretty high standard around here and we haven't quite lived up to that this year. We're searching, working and making sure that we commit ourselves to being all that we can be to give our football team a chance to win games. I would say the defense overall has not been all that we'd hoped it would be to this point and we still have a lot of football left and we're going to need to play real well this weekend.

(On if a Jack Del Rio team at its best has play-making linebackers)

We like to have the defense playing well and in order to play well people need to play well within their spots. I think the one thing we're getting is hard work and effort and we just need it to be cleaner. We need to tackle and be a little crisper and guys are working at it. That's the main thing we need to ask of them.

(On if Mike Peterson will be available to play Sunday)


(On if he will start)

We'll see.

(On if he can quantify how well he knows a division opponent like the Titans)

Well, I think knowing what you know and then going out and playing are two different things. I think certainly you put a lot of time and effort into understanding your opponent, the strengths, the weaknesses, things you need to be able to take away, things you need to be able to account for. From that standpoint, I think we both know each other and the bottom line is going out and playing well and taking the knowledge that you have and applying it to the field and playing fast and playing well.

(On his take on Chris Johnson)

[He's an] explosive playmaker. He's had a big impact for them, he's a good football player. I think LenDale [White] has been very good for them around the goal line in short yardage and Johnson gives them a very explosive playmaker. It's been a nice addition to the team for them.

(On if his speed makes the Titans more dangerous on offense)

Anytime you have playmakers it certainly helps.

(On if he'd like to see the NFL develop a timetable on appeals so that teams aren't waiting around to hear rulings)

Well, I think from my standpoint that's a league issue and right now we're just trying to find a way to slow down the Titans.

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