Conference Call: G Ryan Durand

OG Ryan Durand**

(On what he was thinking as the draft was coming to a close)

Right now I'm happy that I've been picked.

(On if he was beginning to wonder if he would be drafted)

I was beginning to wonder there but I had faith that something good would happen for me.

(On what he knows about Titans and how he thinks he will fit in)

I'm very excited to play for them. I think they are a great team with great coaches and great players. I'm just excited to get in there and play some football.

(On if he is excited to be coached by Mike Munchak)

I'm very excited. He's a Hall of Famer.

(On if he can play tackle, guard or center)

Right now they are looking at me as a guard but I feel like I can play different places if need be, maybe move me out to tackle. It depends on their need and my ability to fill that need.

(On if he has met Keith Bulluck, a Syracuse alum)

I met him briefly. I shook his hand. I've seen him around campus a few times. He's a great guy and a great alumni and good face for our program at Syracuse.

(On if he is familiar with Kenny Britt)

I don't remember too much about him. Rutgers always had a good team so I'm sure he's a great player.

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