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Conference Call: Eagles QB Kevin Kolb


(on if he feels like he's starting to get into a rhythm on the field)

Yeah, absolutely.  It's a tribute to our offensive squad being able to change over so fast.  The game has slowed down a little bit, and I'm just trying to focus week-in, week-out at the task at hand and not look at the big picture.

(on if he feels like this week presents a good challenge going against the Titans defense)

Yeah, absolutely, they're aggressive, they know their system well, they have a good pass rush and they're talented in the secondary as well.  I feel like it's one of our better challenges, and of course your next challenge is always your biggest.  We have to go into y'all's house and try and bring a road mentality and that's our focus this week.  We know that it's going to be another big task for us, but we feel like we're ready for it and we're looking forward to the challenge.

(on what's going right with the Titans pass rush)

I think a lot of it is the individual effort.  You have a lot of high-motor guys, of course we know Jason (Babin) real well—he's a friend of mine, of course.  I think the main reason is just a lot of guys wanting to do well, and that's the way they play.  They play with a chip on their shoulder and that's the way we've got to bring it as well.  It will be a battle and we're looking forward to it.

(on the potential of not having DeSean Jackson for Sunday's game)

DeSean will hurt us a little bit, but we've got guys who can step up and make plays.  We did it last week when he was out, and we've done it in previous weeks.  We feel like we're somewhat comfortable with it, but of course you're going to miss a guy like him being so dynamic and such a big-play threat.

(on what he thought about the Dunta Robinson hit that injured DeSean Jackson)

It was a pretty vicious hit.  It sounds like there were a couple of them last Sunday and I think the league is doing the right thing.  It's tough on our part and especially the defensive player's part because they want to keep their aggression and not hesitate, but at the same time safety is the biggest key here for everybody.  I think the league is trying to stay up to par with the number of hits that are coming.  If you look at the concussion results this year, it's staggering and so the league has to do something and they did.  Hopefully it all gets ironed out.

(on his concussion earlier in the season and how the recovery process went)

It's very frustrating.  It's a lot different than anything else because you've learned to play through pain in other injuries you've had throughout your career, and this one you just can't do.  I think everybody is different according to the circumstances of the situation, but the frustrating thing for me is you can't watch film, you can't look at a book—you're just sitting there bored out of your mind.  It's a totally different injury and recovery than you're used to as a football player.

(on why he thinks Jason Babin and Will Witherspoon have increased their production since coming to Tennessee from Philadelphia)

I thought they were both great players for us, we always knew they had a lot of talent.  A lot of times it is just finding what fits you.  Obviously those two guys along with a lot of other guys on their squad, that place fits them well and they're playing with confidence, playing fast.  When those two guys left here, I expected them to do well and of course they are.

(on if he thinks there are areas of the Titans secondary where he thinks he can take advantage after previous quarterbacks have had success this year)

With their style of defense being as aggressive as they are, sometimes you're going to leave some guys open.  Those are three great quarterbacks (Tony Romo, Eli Manning and Kyle Orton) that they've faced, but they always find a way to battle it out and either not let them score or come up with a turnover or something.  They usually come out ahead on that, it's not necessarily the yards that we want, it's just we have to get points on the board and of course come out of there with a victory.

(on if the Eagles locker room is noticeably different from previous years after all the offseason moves that were made this year)

Yeah, it's a little bit different.  We have a lot of young guys, but I think a lot of hard working, not afraid of adversity type of people.  We've been through some situations, obviously, here and everybody has just picked up the ball and rolled with it, and I think that's why we've been able to have success through it.  As I said before, it's a tribute to our offensive squad and of course the team in general, to just be able to pick up where we left off with Mike (Vick) and the same thing whenever I went out in the beginning.  Those guys have really adjusted well to our situation.

(on if Jeremy Maclin and some of the young guys on offense have stepped up their play this year)

Yeah, I think LeSean McCoy is another one along with some guys that aren't big names out there, Chad Hall, Riley Cooper, there is a bunch of them.  Those two guys, Maclin and McCoy, obviously they're very talented, high expectations coming out, had good years last year, but they've stepped up their productivity and the sky's the limit for them.

(on if he sees Michael Vick as competition for the starting quarterback job)

I think if you're in the NFL you're competing for your job every day.  I don't think that everybody from the outside looking in understands that, but it's the truth.  We are competing, he's obviously banged up right now, but we're always competing.  We were competing in training camp and we're competing with Mike Kafka as well.  That is the mentality that you have to have but we're all really good friends and teammates as well.  We've all handled this as well as possible and whoever is out there we will roll with them and go get a victory.

(on if being at tied at the top of the NFC East has helped balance out the quarterback competition)

Yeah, I think the biggest thing that that helps you do is focus week in, week out on getting a victory.  Instead of looking at the whole picture sometimes and, 'man, where is this going to take my career' and all that kind of stuff.  Just focus on winning the next football game because you are fighting for the top spot and we have a tough game with the Titans this week, so there is no looking forward.  We are looking at this week and looking forward to getting out there.

(on if the fact that the Titans have beaten NFC East rivals Dallas and New York on the road this year can be a measuring stick for the Eagles this week)

I don't know if you can look at it like that.  Every week is different in the NFL and every situation is different, so we obviously acknowledge that seeing them go get those good wins on the road but this is our own game and that's the way we look at it.

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