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Conference Call: Dolphins DT Randy Starks


(on the challenge as a defense of having to face Randy Moss for the second time this season)

One of the advantages is that we play the Patriots twice a year; they're in our division, so we're familiar with him.  The only thing is that he's somebody you have to worry about another week.

(on if they still plan to focus their defensive game plan around stopping Chris Johnson or if the addition of Randy Moss makes that more difficult)

Any defense, I think anybody will agree—any team, stopping the run is the main key, so from that aspect that's what we want to do.  We want to stop the run and make the quarterback win the game.  I'm sure we'll make some adjustments on defense as far as schemes and whatever, but for the most part, stopping the run is our number one goal.

(on what the Dolphins did to hold Randy Moss without a reception when they played earlier this season)

The secondary did a good job.  Disguising coverages and staying on him, that's one of the things that we did.  For the most part this is a different team; they run different plays so I'm sure we're going to do different plays also.

(on if it is unusual for the Titans to acquire such a high-profile player and if he remembers them bringing in any high-profile players while he was a member of the Titans)

When I was there I can't remember us bringing in anybody with that big of a name, no.  I think all the players were already there when I came.

(on if newly signed cornerback Al Harris' experience against Randy Moss will be a factor on Sunday)

I'm sure, I'm sure he's played against Randy Moss.  He's been in the league a long time just like Moss.  I'm sure he has some tendencies that I'm sure he'll share with the younger guys and I'm glad to have him.

(on the Dolphins making a quarterback change and how the newly appointed starter Chad Pennington will impact the team)

We'll look for him to be calm, he's a great leader.  He doesn't make many mistakes, so whatever decisions the coaches make we're behind them 100 percent.  We're on defense, so none of that stuff is relevant to us.  Our main focus is who the Tennessee quarterback is and running back is so when we stop the run we can be effective on defense. 

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