Conference Call: Cowboys QB Tony Romo




(on what jumps out the most about the Titans defense)

They're active.  You can tell that they're a well-coached group that runs around to the ball and all 11 guys want to get involved in every play.  I think that shows you what kind of intensity they bring every week, and we've got to be prepared.  They like to move the front and play a lot of bear—what we call bear I guess you could say, with guys moving up front for their packages.  So we're going to have to practice a lot of that this week and get ready for them stemming and moving up front.

(on where the Dallas Cowboys passing game is right now)

I think as we keep going along we're starting to find out what we're doing better and where we can put guys—and what we want to hang our hat on.  I think each week gets a little bit better and I think we're starting to do some good things.

(on if it was a good time to have a bye week so early in the season or if he'd prefer it later in the season)

I think you always like it later, when guys get a little more banged up, but we had a couple guys banged up so it kind of worked out well for us.

(on what he sees from the Titans secondary)

You're just trying to execute your plays on what they're giving you on that specific play, or what that specific thing is.  They're a good group, they play hard, they play well and they're all on the same page.  You're not going to get anything free from them, so we'll see.

(on what the Titans have been doing to be so successful in pressuring opposing quarterbacks)

They stem a lot up front.  We're going to be ready for them to move the front around, and they like to have a lot of stunts up front.  They want to disrupt the O-line and knock the guy off and run around to the other side.  They're mostly generating it with moving guys around a lot, so we'll be practicing that all week.

(on what Dallas needs to do to get their rushing offense going)

Well a lot of that is dictated just off of what teams play against you.  If a team wants to come after you and come after you—it's tough, but we're going to run the ball, it's what we do.

(on his chemistry with rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant)

He's doing good.  Each week he keeps getting better and better and the mistakes are less and less as each week goes by.  It's all part of a growing process for young receivers and there is a lot of new stuff that gets thrown at you early on.  He's just going to keep getting better as the season goes along.

(on his thoughts on the comments by Kyle Orton and Josh McDaniels that the Titans defense is cheap)

I think they play hard.  I think that's the biggest thing, they want to be involved on every play and guys are going to run to the ball.  That's what they do there, that's just part of their philosophy and that's the way they're going to play the game of football.  I don't know that it's anything cheap; I haven't been a part of it, so it's just speculation until I see anything, but you just see a lot of guys flying to the ball out there.

(on how much of a confidence boost it was to defeat the Houston Texans going into their bye week)

It's only one game, but we did some good things.  We feel strongly that if we minimize the mistakes that have kind of stalled us a little bit the first two games, then we have a chance.  It's a hard battle in this league.  Every team that comes in seems to do something really well, so you've got to be ready.  The Titans provide a great matchup for us that is going to be very difficult in a lot of ways and we've got to play our best game.

(on wide receiver Miles Austin)

I think for Miles, you could see it on the practice field.  He started to really develop and stuff—he was just raw when he was young.  He just needed to get down on the yardages and the times you have to do differing things versus the defense that was given, and like I said a lot of that takes time and reps.  It took him a little bit, but once he did grab ahold of it and he's a great receiver.

(on his offensive weapons compared to the other 31 NFL teams)

We don't really compare.  I feel very fortunate to be in the situation to have the guys that I do.  Get them the ball and let them go to work, and they're all a bunch of good guys so it makes it very easy to want to work with them every day.

(on if there is an added pressure affiliated with playing for the Dallas Cowboys)

I've never been with another organization, so I don't really know what the difference is, but I'm pretty sure whoever is playing quarterback in the National Football League for a team and you lose the first two games you really, really need to win that third game.  Especially if you want to do something special that season, so we needed the win last week.  We're still in that mode, we've got to keep grinding, we've got to win again this week—it's important.  We're going against a formidable opponent that is going to give us a great challenge, so we need to play our best football.

(on how he thinks it is best to address a team committing too many penalties, based on having gone through times when the Cowboys have dealt with the issue)

It just has to be a point of emphasis.  It depends on the penalties, a lot of them are effort penalties—it's hard to coach people how to effort.  They're giving you 100 percent and something happens and a lot of it is at the discretion of the referee.  Did the ball carrier all of a sudden get by a wide receiver who was blocking his guy and it looks like a hold?  If it's across the other side of the field it's not a hold—a lot of it is just at the mercy of what they do sometimes.  Then there are the other ones that are not smart penalties and those are the ones you have to correct.

(on how he thinks Vince Young is doing)

He's doing a good job.  I think he's continuing to develop and become a good player in this league.  Not unlike a lot of guys, everyone goes through ups and downs at that position.  It's just part of the process, and he continues to grow each year in his development in the passing game.  I think the overall scheme of the game just gets better and better.  All you've got to look at, we're judged a lot by winning and losing and he's done a great job of that.

(on if the team health of the Dallas Cowboys is as good as it's been all season)

Yeah, I think so.  I think we're coming back with pretty much our base nucleus coming in.  So I think we have a great opportunity to play our best football, but we need to go out there and do it.

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