Conference Call: Colts Coach Jim Caldwell




(on Jerraud Powers injury and his status for the season)

We are going to have a release this afternoon with that line in particular.  We are kind of waiting to see how things are going with the surgery and then we will make an announcement after that.

(on how Kelvin Hayden is progressing and the depth at cornerback)

It is one of those things where every week we have been finding guys to step up and do a job.  This week is no different.  Whoever is out there, we will have them well prepared and ready to go and that has kind of been our mantra throughout the entire year.  We can't necessarily control everything in particular when you are dealing with injuries.  We just have to be able to adjust to them.

(on how difficult it is to turn things around during a losing streak)

I think the big thing is you don't have to do anything different.  Oftentimes that is what happens; I think everyone is looking for a quick fix.  Really what it takes is doing the same things you have been doing, doing them with more consistency and doing them better.  That is what we continue to do.

(on watching the Titans on film and if he understands why they have lost five straight)

What you see on film is a very talented group, very capable and able, the pass rush up front with guys that can certainly stop the run game, a good linebacking core and an experienced secondary with obviously some very, very talented guys back there.  From an offensive standpoint, a veteran offensive line, one of the best running backs in the league, a veteran quarterback and wide receivers that are tall, rangy and fast, and obviously a great tight end core.  I just see a very good football team with great special teams and a great return man.  They have a lot of talent.

(on how he deals with Peyton Manning when he is going through an uncharacteristic bad stretch)

Oftentimes, I think some guys are their own worst critic, particularly in this business, everyone is so highly motivated.  Nevertheless we try to support them and try to make certain that we also give him some help as well.  You guys look at it and see just from the number of turnovers and they automatically get logged in behind his name.  Some of those are problems that existed through a communication problem or maybe it was a protection problem.  There are a lot of things that go into those and you couple the fact that he has also been throwing the ball pretty well.  You look at the sheer numbers and Reggie (Wayne) had 14 catches last week and he spread the ball around pretty good.  What we try to do is never get too high and never get too low and just keep focusing on trying to get better.

(on the play when Reggie Wayne stopped and Peyton Manning threw deep)

I'm not going to go through and recount each and every play and each and every sequence.

(on whether he can just discuss that play)

I'm not going to do that one because it opens it up for the rest.  I can just tell you that it is pretty obvious that on that particular play, obviously there may have been a miscommunication in that regard.  That is obvious that there was.  That is one of the things that we have to make certain that we work our way through and get back on pace like we always have been.

(on how much satisfaction he takes that the Colts still control their destiny despite all the injuries)

Obviously, I think that is a good thing when you are looking at the silver lining.  That is a good thing at this point in time but we have to do something about it.  That is the other caveat and that is what practice is for, getting ready.  This one comes along quickly.  I think a short week helps you get back on the field and sort of get that sick feeling out of your stomach.

(on the health of the running backs and how the lack of the running game has impacted the team)

Our health each and every week is kind of up in the air and it has been that way for a few weeks and we probably won't know the status completely until probably after tomorrow.  That is kind of a work in progress.  We have not run the ball well enough.  We certainly expect to be better and we are continually trying to improve in that area.  It is not just one thing, it is not just a schematic situation, it is not just techniques and a fundamental issue, it's not just a running back read issue.  There are just a number of little things that have popped up at inopportune times that have kept us from being consistent in that area.

(on the Titans going 10 quarters without an interception on defense)

We try to focus in and worry about the things that we can control.  What we can control is how we play.  We have been a team that has been able to focus and throw things that were behind us and keep them behind us and look ahead.  That is what we are doing.  The only thing we can control is how we perform and how we take care of the ball and those are the things that we are most going to be focused on.

(on whether this is an unusual feeling having to chase in the division)

Yes it is different.  Every year it is just a completely different picture, but every year it is still very, very close.  I recall even last year there was a point in time in Week 12 where we had been playing pretty well and had not lost a game, but we could look behind us and see that if we lost one game that we would certainly be tied with another team.  There were a lot of different scenarios there that we had not at that point in time clinched anything.  Therefore, this year is no different; it is just a little bit different in terms of the record.  The fact of the matter is that we still have an opportunity to climb and that is what we have to do.  It is a bit different for us, but for the most part this is probably normal life in the NFL.

(on if he anticipates seeing a lot of Chris Johnson and whether he is surprised that he has struggled lately)

He has rushed for over 1,000 yards already at this point in time.  To me that is obviously a heck of an outing at this point of time in the year.  He is an outstanding back with outstanding numbers.  I think what happens just like anything else, people get spoiled.  He is a talented guy and I think he has been performing well.  We have to get ready to handle him because he is a heck of a back.

(on if anything has changed with the Titans offense since the acquisition of Randy Moss)

All I look at is what kind of talent base they have in relationship for what we have to get prepared for.  All I see is a very, very dangerous operation there in terms of a very, very strong running game and a quarterback that has a lot of experience that can certainly do some damage if you do decide to load the box up.  That is what we try to focus in on is what they are capable of doing and try to get ourselves in the best position to defend it.

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