Conference Call: Chiefs S Eric Berry


(on what the biggest challenges have been for him transitioning from college football to the NFL)

I would definitely say first off, especially early in the season, dealing with the tight ends.  That's a new skill weapon on offense.  In college you didn't really have to worry about the tight ends too much.  Now on the NFL level the tight ends are more athletic and a lot better.  Another thing is definitely the quarterback; they are more accurate with their throws, they pretty much know and have seen all the defenses that are possible, so it's kind of hard fooling those guys sometimes.  They are just very accurate with their throws.

(on going into the last two weeks of the season with their fate in their hands in their attempt to win the AFC West Division)

It's very exciting.  Right now I'm just focused on, pretty much, going against the Titans.  It's a very critical game, a very important game, so I just want to make sure I'm doing everything in my power to help win this game.

(on playing against Kenny Britt and Randy Moss)

Definitely some good wide receivers—especially growing up watching Randy Moss, we all know what he can do.  Kenny Britt has definitely been dynamic on offense, and I think he's been doing a good job running his routes and catching the ball down field.  We'll have our hands full in the secondary.

(on defending quarterback play-action fakes and if they ever go into a game knowing not to bite on the fake because they're not going to run it well)

No, I can't really tell you that we've ever went in with a game plan like that.  Pretty much everything we just have to read our keys.  If we get something that says that it's run, then we go with that feeling when we read it.  If we read something that says pass, then we have to go with the pass.  It's never been something where we just say, 'don't bite on this or don't look at this.'  It's always read your keys and react to it.

(on if it's safe to say it's worse to be wrong with your read on a pass than a run)

Oh yeah, much worse to be wrong on a pass read.  You might have to sit back like half a second and see what all is happening and then react to the run late sometimes.  It just depends on how you feel.

(on Chris Johnson)

The biggest thing with him is that he can score from anywhere on the field, so he always poses that threat.  You always have to know where he is.  Just knowing that he can take it the distance at any given time, that can kind of keep you off balance if you're not doing your job on defense.

(on Derek Dooley's first season as the head coach of the University of Tennessee)

I believe he came in and helped out the guys a lot.  Came in in a rough situation, but kept the guys positive and still made it to a bowl game.  I think he has that program going in the right direction.  Everyone just has to buy in and keep working to get better every day.

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