Conference call: Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson


(On his thoughts of the Titans)

Pretty good team. I guess the only 5-0 team left. They definitely work for everything they've got, they've had some injuries with the quarterback and they still seem to get a win. They're definitely a team that knows how to win.

(On what he sees on film that might present problems for the Titans offense)

Yeah, watching film you see a bunch of guys who are confident in themselves. Sometimes it doesn't look good for them but they still seem to get first downs and still pull it through. On offense, they aren't putting up a crazy amount of points or a crazy amount of yards, but for some reason they're doing enough to win.

(On the confidence level of the Chiefs)

Well, it's a little shaky knowing that we're 1-4, but the last time we were at home, our confidence level boosted through the roof so we're trying to have that same performance.

(On how the veterans are handling the youth movement)

Well, they're trying to be pros. You have to be a pro at this game and whatever goes on within the team as far as a lot of young players or whatever, we don't have a lot of veterans on this team. Even though we're kind of at that rebuilding stage, we're trying to win on the run and that's what you do. It's not a total rebuilding year, it's one of those things where you have young players that have to grow up fast.

(On if he's stayed in touch with Vince Young since their Texas days)

Yeah, I have. Little by little this year, he's been having some problems but I mean he sounds okay when I talk to him so I don't think it's a big deal. It's been blown out of proportion a little bit but hopefully he can handle it because he's a great guy and I know what type of player he is. I don't think he'll start on Sunday but you'll see more of Vince Young in the future, I mean he's one of those players that will always bounce back.

(On what he talks to Vince Young about)

Well, it's really casual conversation, it's really nothing about football. A week or two ago I talked to him and he mentioned that they'd be real up to play us and he started laughing a little bit so he's definitely in good spirits. He's the type of player who's always up. He's always playing around and being silly so I respect him for that. When he talked to me he sounded up so hopefully they can follow through with it and get him back on the field.

(On facing a number of his old Texas teammates this weekend)

Yeah, I know. I looked at it and Coach Gun[ther Cunningham] was looking at the scout team and he said, "All of these guys are from Texas?" and we started chuckling and laughing. But it's a credit to the University of Texas and how many guys they put in the league. They have some pretty good guys on Tennessee from Texas so we'll see how they do on Sunday.

(On chatting with his old Texas teammates before the game about this year's Longhorns)

Oh yeah, definitely. We're number one, baby.  We definitely always bleed burnt orange.

(On what Gunther Cunningham has done for his game)

Well, he made it more aggressive. When I say aggressive, I'm not saying to the ball carrier because I've always had a knack for finding the ball, but as far as taking on blockers. It's kind of silly to say this in my fourth year in the league, but as far as taking on blockers, I never really was taught the proper way. The way he's teaching me is helping me out to make more tackles and more big plays. Gun is working with me and doing a good job too.

(On if he's glad to be playing under Gunther Cunningham)

Oh yeah, definitely. He's the kind of guy that brings the best out of his players and he means well. Some people get him twisted about how passionate he is about the game but he definitely means well. He may rant and holler and stuff but he definitely means well.

(On if it took him some time to adjust to Cunningham's style)

A little bit. At first I was like, 'I'm a coachable guy even though some coaches yell' but no coach is like Gun. Gun is very different. But we definitely see eye to eye and I know he wants the best for me.

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