Conference Call: CB Ryan Mouton




(on his thoughts when Marcus Robertson watched workouts) *

We had talked a little bit and I felt that the workouts went well. I felt they we very interested but I didn't know exactly where they would try to pick me.


(on where he thought he would be drafted)

I had heard fourth round with a couple of other teams. Tennessee, when they talked to my agent, they told him they were really, really interested. He told me they were the most interested. So looking at the fourth round and the teams that were also interested, we knew it would have to be earlier than them so we figured maybe third round, late third round.


(on the hamstring injury)

That has probably been the most frustrating part of this whole process. Knowing I have some skills, or whatever, I am glad they took notice of that. Not being able to show to everyone was kind of frustrating but I couldn't have landed in a better spot than what I did.


(on fitting in with the Titans)

First off we will start with special teams. I played a lot of nickel back also in college so maybe I can get in there and compete for a job.


(on kickoff and punt returns possibilities)

I have done both throughout my career. Whichever one. Whatever they need me to do, I am willing to get in there and go to work.


(on favorite team growing up)

I was actually, growing up around my household we were Cowboy fans. But since the Oilers left, being from Houston and they went to Tennessee, we have always routed for the hometown team.


(on his knowledge of the Titans' players)

Actually my brother has been friends with Vince Young since real small. We went to the same elementary school. I know of him and my brother knows him. I've seen him a couple of times when he was in high school and also we played against him in high school.


(on facing Young in high school)

Our freshman year we beat them and our sophomore year they kind of blew us out.

(on learning Hawaii's postgame celebration)

It didn't take long at all. It is something we really take pride in with those types of things. Probably, a week or two.

(on watching the draft)

I was watching it at my home in Houston. When I got the call my whole family went crazy and things like that. Nothing too big.

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