Conference Call: CB Jason McCourty


(On being teammates with Kenny Britt again)

It's going to be exciting.  Me and Kenny were real cool.  It's going to be a great opportunity for us both to be in Tennessee and with somebody going into a new environment that you already know.    

(On battling with him in practice)

Me and Kenny always went at it.  For some reason, every time we did one on ones, it always seems like we were on the same side so me and Kenny went at it for the last about the last two years almost every day in practice.   

(On who got the best of the battles)

We are both competitors, so if you ask him, he is going to say he did, and if you ask me I am going to say I definitely got a lot of those battles as well.    

(On what kind of receiver Britt is)

Kenny is kind of aggressive, strong receiver with a big body.  That's the type of guy that he is, he is not only going to try to run around you, he is going to run through you.  He is the type of receiver, when that ball is in the air, 10 out of 10 times you can expect him to come down with it.   

(On how lucky it is for both to be drafted by the same team)

It is really crazy.  It is just a crazy feeling to be drafted. You know, growing up you don't really dream about playing in a professional league.  When you see your name come across on ESPN, it's just so exciting, not only for me but my family.  This opportunity I am just excited about.     
(On how long the day was)

It's been a very long day.  Watching it, watching the NBA Playoffs games, going back and forth and just the way you kind of get nerve wracking you see different names scrolling across there.  All you can ask for is an opportunity and that's what I have; now it's all up to me.        
(On where his agent predicted he would be drafted)

Lately around here I was told fifth (round) to free agency.  So I kind of went in with no expectations.   I knew if my name would be called it would either be in the fifth, sixth or seventh round, if not, then I would get a shot in free agency.  To me, it didn't matter how I got wherever I ended up, I'm just excited to get this opportunity.  I know I have got to go down to Tennessee and just go out there and make the team.

(On his knowledge of Tennessee)

I hadn't really talked to the Titans at all coming into this weekend so I wasn't sure they were interested in me, but that's how a lot of people told me the draft goes down.   Sometimes you will take visits to places and do workouts and the team that you haven't even talked to has been interested in you and you weren't even sure about it.      

(On teams that were interested in him)

I took visits to the Jets, Giants, Green Bay Packers, Jaguars and Atlanta.  I also had workouts with the Broncos, Ravens and Browns.  It's been a long process.

(On how working against Britt will help him)

Definitely, when you go against a receiver of Kenny's caliber every day in practice, I think that can definitely help.  As you see he is a first-round draft pick and he is a great talent.  Going against him, if you have some success against him, I think I can show teams a lot of things.
(On watching the NBA playoffs and the draft) **

I was flipping back and forth.  Early on, watching more of the draft and as more and more of the rounds went by, watching a little bit more of the basketball to stop from getting frustrated and just waiting for the phone call, watching a little bit of both. 

(On which NBA team he likes)

Not really a fan of any one team but I love watching different competitors.  So it stinks that Kevin Garnett is not playing right now.  But I love to watch guys like Kobe and LeBron James, guys out there that I can see love the game and compete. 

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