Conference Call: Broncos QB Kyle Orton




(on last week's offensive performance and not being effective in the red zone)

I'm not going to overreact too much.  We played Seattle in the second week and did a pretty good job in the red zone and on third down.  We struggled a little bit last week to score points down there, but I think throughout the preseason and a few games early on we've done a halfway decent job down there.

(on what it is like to put up those big passing numbers in a game)

It feels the same way after you lose.

(on the Broncos depth at wide receiver)

Yep, we have a lot of depth.  It is one of the deeper positions on our team, a versatile group.  You have a lot of guys that can play inside and that can play outside, that can go get the deep ball, can take a short throw and do a lot of good things with it.  I think we have a lot of guys that are versatile and it is a selfless group.

(on if it is good to have the passing game going while the running game gets things corrected)

We like to say that the key to this offense is to be able to stay balanced.  If we can get that going, I think it will help us out in the red zone as well.

(on what the culture is like between year one and year two with Josh McDaniels)

Really I don't think anything has changed.  We take a workman's like approach.  We prepare very hard, we work very hard.  We expect things to be done the right way the first time.

(on what went through his mind when the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow)

Not a lot.  I have always been a self-motivated player.  I really just took the approach that I was getting ready to have the best season of my career.  I'm really still trying to stick with that approach.

(on the potential of the Titans starting a rookie at cornerback and if they will try to attack that side of the field)

Yeah, we will just have to wait and see.  Our offense is not really directed at a certain player most of the time.  We feel like we can get open and throw it on either side of the field.

(on if he can use anything from the Titans game against the Bears in 2008)

It is different personnel, different teams and a different offense for me.  I won't take much from what I did in Chicago.

(on the Titans defense)

They played half their third down plays in third-and-10 plus.  That certainly means they do a great job on first and second down.  We don't want to be in that predicament the whole game.  We are going to have to do a good job of limiting negative plays on first and second down so we can stay in manageable situations.

(on the biggest issues with the running game)

Not enough yards.  We haven't had negative runs, which is a good thing.  We have only had five or six negative runs, which we always talk about as a good thing.  We are starting the play well.  We just need to finish some blocks and finish some runs and get into the secondary and make some big plays.

(on in the injuries at running back)

We have had injuries all over the place throughout camp.  I think we have done a pretty good job of adjusting.  The next guy in line has done a good job of coming in and playing good football whether it is up front or at the running back position or wherever we have had some injuries to deal with.

(on dealing with the death of a teammate)

It was certainly a tough week last week and probably won't change really this week either.  You just try to do the best job you can to prepare.  Everybody has a job to do and we have to find a way to do it.

(on dealing with three tragedies in the last five years)

I can't really comment on that.  This is my second year.  Unfortunately or thankfully this is the first time I have had to go through it.

(on targeting a rookie cornerback)

Like I said, we try to just go through our offense.  I try to throw it to the open guy wherever he is at.

(on his comfort level and whether his career will take off)

I hope so.  I think it has been nice for me to have the second year, but not just myself but really everybody on our offense feels more comfortable and I think is able to play better being around him for two years now, being around each other for two years.  The communication is better.  The execution is better.  We are just a better offense.

(on his mindset despite the organization bringing in numerous other quarterbacks)

I didn't have any questions, maybe other people did.  I didn't have any questions.  I thought if I played my best football, I would be the quarterback of this team.  It is the NFL; you can't expect them not to bring in people.  You can't be scared of competition and it certainly didn't really affect me in anyway.

(on if they can keep the high offensive ranking through the season)

I guess time will tell.  If we keep on executing and playing well, certainly I think the sky is the limit for our unit.

(on why his game is elevating every year)

Anytime you can add another year of experience it is a huge thing at my position.  I think I'm finally in an offense that has good players around me.  It is a system that I like and feel that I can succeed in.

(on the challenges of playing at LP Field)

It always matters when you are on the road.  It is tough to win games on the road.  I have never played there.  I know it is a tough place to play.  We will have to handle the road operation well.  Like I said, we have to stay out of long yardage situations, which means we can't hurt ourselves with penalties. 

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