Conference Call: Broncos Coach John Fox



(on how much the lockout affected new head coaches like Mike Munchak and himself)

Well, I can't speak for Mike, but probably the biggest thing from my experience has just been getting to know your team.  It's one thing to implement your systems—offense, defense, special teams—and obviously that's part of the battle.  But, you know, how guys react under pressure, what buttons to push, you know, just getting to know your team.  Mike was at a little bit of an advantage, I think, because he's been there.  The unusual for me was when we first reported to camp, I had to have them wear name tags so I could know who they were.

(on how long it takes for a coach to implement his style and system to where it becomes second-nature)

In this case here, that wasn't the hard part.  You hire a good staff; they're good teachers.  You're not going to implement the whole kitchen sink, so to speak, on anything.  But you're with these guys so much through camp and then through the preseason and now into the regular season, you've got a lot of time to teach them the X's and O's.  Like I said before, I think the hardest thing for all of us, the staff and the head coach, has just been getting to know the players personally.

(on how much Kenny Britt jumps out on tape)

He came on strong last year, from what I've seen, and obviously he's had a great start to this season.  He's a big, tall, fast guy that's extremely competitive for the ball, and I think Matt Hasselbeck has definitely learned to trust him and target him.  We've played against Matt quite a few times.  He's a quality guy and makes good decisions, and he's off to a good start.

(on if they can focus solely on Britt in the passing game given the emergence of Jared Cook and Nate Washington)

Well, I think we're going to be giving it our best shot to defend it all.  You guys have always had a pretty good running game, even with Coach (Jeff) Fisher and now with Coach Munchak.  Jim Skipper, the running back coach there, I'm very familiar with and know well because he was with me for nine years in Carolina.  So you've got an offensive line that's back intact, and so you guys are capable of doing both.  I think that's what allowed that good defense to beat a very good Ravens team.

(on what the difference was in the Titans defense from Week 1 to Week 2)

I think they played good really all six games.  I watched them all four in the preseason.  They played salty, and then really, I know in the Jacksonville game they lost a close game, but I thought the defense was very good in that game as well as this past week.  I think anytime you play Tennessee, you're expecting a good, solid defense, and they've proven that over the first two weeks of the season.

(on how many Broncos players that missed last week could be back against the Titans)

Well, don't feel at odds to tell you now because I just released it to our press.  We had four guys that were limited practice that we didn't have last week: Knowshon Moreno, Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Lloyd and D.J. Williams, the linebacker.  We're still missing some guys that did not participate, but we welcomed the four back to practice.

(on if he's worried that Chris Johnson is getting back to his usual level of play)

No doubt that's not an easy task to get in late.  You know, he's very, very capable.  There's plenty of evidence of that on tape.  We're definitely expecting his best, and his best is really good.

(on how as a coach he keeps talk of Tim Tebow playing from becoming a distraction)

Number one and first and foremost is your locker room, and our locker room is not only just fine, but excellent.  That's really my concern.  Things that happen on the outside are on the outside. Right now, my concern is what's on the inside, and we're just fine.

(on the new kickoff rule)

I don't know.  Chuck Noll told me once, 'Stay in your lane.'  So I don't really have much to do with that.  As coaches we adjust, and that's something we've adjusted to.

(on if he's OK with half the kickoffs thus far being touchbacks)

I didn't really say that.  I just said I'm staying in my lane.

(on how much a lift Eric Decker has given the Broncos on special teams and as a receiver)

He returned a long punt for a touchdown in the opener and had a couple big plays last week.   So he's a guy that had a good rookie year but was nursing the toe injury, and this camp came into 100 percent healthy and a year better as far as, you know, he developed a pro body in the offseason and worked very hard.  I think he's shown that he's invested a lot in it in the first two weeks of the season.

(on Von Miller's speed off the edge)

Well he is a very explosive athlete and that's why we took him with the second pick in the draft. There were a lot of worthy guys there but we just liked the bond because of that. He has a real explosive first step and the fact that he can play all four downs, he has a good temperament for the game, he plays hard snap to whistle. He is a young player that is just going to get better and better as we go.

(on how Von Miller compares to other guys he has coached before)

I think it's a little early for that, we are only two games into his rookie year, but athletically he is up there with as good as I have ever coached really at any position. Time will tell and he will define that as we move forward.

(on if its more effective for Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil to rush from the same, or opposite sides)

Well basically Von (Miller) is playing linebacker, he does play some rush positions of third down, but we mix that up. Elvis (Dumervil) played very limited in our first game, and didn't even play last week so we will just kind of keep that on the Q.T. as we move forward.

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