Coach Whisenhunt's Tuesday Practice Report



(On practicing in the heat)

This is what camp could have been like the whole time, and it wasn't, so it was good to get one of these days, to have to work through it. You've got to see them fight through it. That's what you want, so it was an eye-opening experience, but it's good.

(On expectations for the third preseason game)

I think it's another game for us to evaluate players. We've still got a lot of things that we need to evaluate from this team. It's not like other teams, where you've been in a system for a number of years and you're going to play the game like you're prepared for it. We've got so many things in addition to that that we've got to do, as far as how we're going to do rotations with players, how we're going to look at this player. It's a unique year, from that perspective, so it's going to be similar to the other two games we played.

(On adjusting to playing in the heat)

It's close to game time right now. This is what you're going to have to play in at some point. We haven't had a lot of heat, so when that happens and you've got the pads on, this is definitely something that you've got to get used to.

(On Andy Levitre's progress)

He's coming. I think he's a good player. He shows flashes of being what you know he is, which is a really good football player, but there's no question that the week and half that he was out, that sets you back just from the standpoint of what you miss. There's no substitute for the practice, especially the padded practices, because you're so limited in the season of being able to do that.

(On DaQuan Jones role)

I definitely think days like this will let you know where you are, but I guess we'll find out from DaQuan (Jones) when we see (him) in the game. I know he's working to do that, so it shows up in the game. He's a young player, and he's working at it. He did some good things. I think what we're looking from DaQuan is to sustain.

(On Derrick Morgan and Kamerion Wimbley)

They've been good. They've been solid. I think Derrick (Morgan) especially has played outside of his position very well, and Kamerion (Wimbley) has, too. They haven't gotten a sack, but they've certainly done the things that we want them to do, as far as a lot of the other things.

(On putting pressure on the Saints' run game)

That was after Green Bay, where they ran the ball so much on us in the first series. That was one of the things we wanted to do in that game. We played the run effectively, we just didn't play the passes as effectively as we needed to. I guess we'll get a chance to work on the pass this week.

(On playing against other teams' quarterbacks and playing against the Falcons)

I think I said this, too, that the systems that both of those teams play in, those quarterbacks can operate that system well. It's not Aaron Rodgers, certainly, and it's not Drew Brees, but you're getting good looks in the pass game. I mean, it will be good to face their team. I don't really care who we face. We just want to play better.

(On Delanie Walker dropping passes in preseason games)

I don't see that with Delanie (Walker). He's a veteran. The guy's made a lot of plays in this league, so I think he understands that.

(On when he played with the Falcons)

I remember it was hard. I think I mentioned earlier in camp, training camp now is a lot different than it was back then. It was tough, but I remember a lot of good things. Being in Atlanta, where I played college football, having family and friends so close was a good thing. I was very lucky. Coach Dan Henning drafted me and gave me a chance to play, and it was great to play for that organization for four years.

(On staying in touch with the Falcons organization)

I talked to a few of them when we were down there a couple of weeks ago. It's always good to see them. When I went and interviewed for a job there a couple of years ago, same thing. There are still people that worked there when I was playing there.

(On pass drops during games)

Really, you can only assess it off of one game, essentially, because the Green Bay game we had a couple of drops that I think were a little bit of the function of the weather. There were a lot of balls dropped there.

(On drops in today's practice)

I think it's been good. There's nothing that jumps out that we've had too many drops.

(On turnovers in games)

One thing that you try to reconcile in your mind is that you're running through so many people. You've got different guys touching the ball, doing different things. There may be a rep that this player hasn't gotten, that is now trying to execute it in a game. I'll be the first to tell you, we don't accept that. I've told the guys ahead of time, being a pro means when you're in there you've got to be successful. I guess that sums it up. We've got to do better than that.

(On the cornerbacks)

We've still got another game. We've still got more time to evaluate. We're still in the evaluation process with that.

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