Coach Whisenhunt's Tuesday Camp Transcript



(on Marcus Mariota throwing a pick in practice)

Yeah, it's over. I guess we'll see if we can find another quarterback now. I guess we'll move him to the bench. I'm glad it's over, so you guys will quit talking about it. It's pretty incredible that it went this long, but he's still continuing to progress and having a good camp, so I'm excited about seeing him play this Sunday.

(on what he hopes to see from Marcus Mariota in the second preseason game that he did not see in the first preseason game)

I just want to see more of the same. I think he's shown that he's progressing. Obviously, as an offense we can't turn the ball over, and that's one of the things that we've got to correct, ball security. There were a lot of balls on the ground in last week's game, so that's got to be our focus going in.

(on what it will mean to play at the Nissan Stadium for the first time this season)

Yeah in preseason usually it means a lot of rain. Hopefully it will be a little different this year. But it's exciting. I think it's a new team for us. We've got a lot of exciting pieces to it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works in the new stadium, in Nissan Stadium.

(on what it will mean to have Sunday's preseason game during prime time on national television)

We haven't talked about it yet. We've been more worried about being in the training camp mode and preparing that way.

(on Al Woods' progression)

I think one of the things that we saw in the spring was Al (Woods) was improving. It was one of those ones where we'd like to see him in pads. It's been a little up and down but it showed up in last week's game and he had a good practice today. It's nice to see Al showing up like that. It gives us an even deeper group at that line that you feel good about.

* (on if it is difficult to get everyone snaps at nose tackle given the depth at the position)*

Well those other guys play outside. DaQuan (Jones) can play outside, we have other guys that do it. But with Sammie (Hill) not going, Al (Woods) is getting a lot of quality snaps there.

(on how important game footage is to critique Marcus Mariota)

I don't think that the critiquing thing is going to bother him. There hasn't been much that has really bothered him. I don't think that is really a factor. It's always good to have game footage, because it is a different speed. Once again you know that guy in the pocket, if he comes free, he's not going to stop like he has here at practice and that is a different feeling. It's all valuable.

* (on if Cody Riggs injured his hand at practice)*

I'm not aware of that. I mean he continued to practice, so I've got nothing to add on that one.

(on his relationship with Jeff Fisher)

I know Jeff (Fisher), he was on the competition committee as an advisor when I was on it, so we spent some time together down there in Florida and plus at the meetings because he was there. We played golf together. He was very good when I got the job here about is there anything I can help you with or giving me information on the area. I feel like we have a good relationship.

* (on Jeff Fisher coming back to Nashville)*

I mean, listen, he's a good coach, he's been in this league a long time. I played against him before when he was here. I played against him when he was at St. Louis and I was in Arizona, so I have a lot of respect for him and his staff. They know how to prepare those guys and they're always a tough team to play.

(on if he needs the offensive line and the secondary to build continuity in the preseason)

Well those guys are going to be in and out, because of the nature of that position. I mean, you're playing five guys back there a lot of times, sometimes even six. Regardless of who is in there communication is going to be important, so they get a feel for working with each other with as many groupings and as many times as they have to do that together.


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