Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on the return of the injured players this week)

It's been good. Today was another good day of work. We'll make a decision after tomorrow. At least we'll decide which way we're going to go. But they're all close. We'll have to talk about it based on the number of reps they've gotten, who our actives are going to be. This is the first time we've really had to put down a healthy player to be inactive.

(on if he is worried about how creative the Bills will get with Percy Harvin at wide receiver, given their multiple injuries at running back)*

They do some things with Percy Harvin regardless of if they're banged up at the back or not. I think you just have to be aware of that. I don't know necessarily that they'll put him in that role, per say, but we'll prepare as best we can. You're always going to see some, the popular term is, un-scouted looks, with that. It really comes down to our guys playing our scheme. They're doing a better job with that and hopefully we'll have a good day Sunday.

(on being reminded of the Music City Miracle as the Bills come back to town)

You know, I didn't even think. It's funny because I'm certainly aware of that, but if you hadn't said it I wouldn't have even thought about that. But it's a significant thing. Obviously, it was a great thing for the Titans.

(on his recollection of the Music City Miracle and its place in football history)

Well, to be honest with you, I don't even remember where I was when it did happen. I remember seeing, obviously the clips of it, and the discussion about whether it was a lateral or not. Those are the things that jump to my mind. But it was a good play, and obviously, whenever you have plays like that, especially in a playoff game that had that kind of significance, it's a big deal.

(on if the famous Music City Miracle play was a lateral or not in his mind)

You know what, it's funny. You'd like to see it in today's technology because they could draw the little lines on there and do that. To me, it looked like it was a good play.

(on referees not reversing calls for the good of their own safety)

Not really, maybe in Seattle now. But in general, no. I haven't seen that. I think that you can't get involved with that.

(on if he thinks they can spread the Bills defense and see opportunities for big plays in the passing game like the Giants were able to do against Buffalo)

Well I think when you talk about that, some of those big plays require you to hold the ball a little bit longer. You'd like to say you could throw a short pass and get a lot of yardage out of it, but that's not always the case. Hopefully we'll be able to do some things that can kind of keep them off balance. Maybe we can run the ball; they're a tough team to run the ball against. But that's usually when you can get some of those things if you have a little bit of success because it gives you a little bit more time to take those throws down the field. We're going to try to mix it up and hopefully see if we can do anything against their defense.

(on if the red zone will be a defensive priority)

Well I think for us it's more about giving up the big plays. There are a lot of things that we're doing good, but obviously, giving up the big plays, turning the football over offensively, and then we're going to try to reduce our penalties. If we can clean up those areas, I think with all the significant improvements that we've had with our team, that we'll be pleased with the results.


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