Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Report


(on the Jets offense)

They've got two good running backs. (Chris) Ivory's a pretty good player, too. He's a big physical back. They've got multiple personnel groups that run some Wildcat. They do a lot of different things that you have to be prepared for, and they've got a good offensive line. They present a number of problems that you have to make sure that you're sound in your approach to them.

(on the effect of switching quarterbacks)

One of the things that you really try to establish with the team is consistency. For when you get into those tough situations in games, that's when you really need that, and if you're having different personnel, whether it's rotating the quarterbacks or different guys from injury, it makes it more difficult to achieve that. That's definitely not what you want.

(on the difference between Geno Smith and Michael Vick)

They're both similar from the standpoint of being athletic. They can make plays. I think that (Michael) Vick's just been in the league a little bit longer, so he probably has seen more things. You certainly have to be aware of both of those guys being able to beat you with their feet or throwing the football.

(on the Jets defense)

They've got some good players over there on the defensive side of the ball, especially up front. They've got good linebackers, good defensive line, very active, and they give you multiple fronts. They'll play different personnel groups. It almost doesn't matter what you'll do, they're just going to play their thing, and they play it well. I think the biggest thing with them is identification and then you have to play physical with them.

(on blocking the Jets defensive line and facing the secondary)

I think probably just about any team, that if you block them up, you've got some chances down the field. Like I said, they're a good defense. I think they're rated pretty high in the NFL as far as defensively goes. You're going to have to be very good in your approach, and hopefully we'll have an opportunity to make some plays.

(on characteristics of a Rex Ryan defense)

I think it's similar to what we saw in Baltimore from a standpoint of they're big, they've got a good front seven, they're physical, they play their scheme well, and I think they try to create pressure on your offense in a number of different ways.

(on if Jake Locker needs to get out of the pocket quickly)

Jake (Locker) plays the position. He understands those kind of things. Hopefully we'll do enough of job that that won't be the case, but if that does happen, then I'm sure instincts with him will take over.

(on the progress of Taylor Lewan and Michael Oher)

It's a day-to-day thing. We probably won't know for sure until Saturday who's going to actually line up for us. It's a tough position to be in. It seems like we've been battling that for a few weeks now. We're trying to get reps with all of these guys. Some of them are limited in practice, some of them can't practice, but hopefully we'll be able to have it somewhat stabilized by Saturday. I really don't know what our lineup's going to be Sunday right now, to be honest with you.

(on if Taylor Lewan was limited in practice today)

Taylor (Lewan) didn't practice today.

(on if he is surprised that both the Jets and the Titans are 2-11)

I can't speak about their team. All I can speak about is us. We're obviously disappointed in where we are as a football team. Whatever the reason is, we've just got to continue to work and try to improve and get better. The last few games haven't been good. It's a big thing for us to try to improve on that.

(on how Jake Locker has done and if the chemistry between the quarterbacks and receivers is overrated)

They practice with these guys. They get a lot of throws in practice with them, so it's not like they don't see them for weeks. Jake (Locker's) doing a good job. He's been practicing, he's been getting reps in practice for weeks, he's been throwing to the same guys he's thrown to this week. I certainly think he's got a feel for where these guys are going to be, and they certainly have caught balls from him.

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