Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Report



(on practicing in cold weather)

This is what we're going to play in, so it was good to get a practice in. I felt like we needed to work in this weather. It's different throwing the ball, catching the ball, when you're hitting. We put the pads on today. This is really kind of a first chance in this kind of weather to do that.

(on what makes a good cold-weather team)

A good team is a good team. I think there's a mental toughness about a good team that is doesn't really matter what you're playing in. People sometimes want to make a big deal about cold weather, but you just go play the game, whatever the conditions are. We should be a good rain team, because we saw enough of it this year.

(on if there is more physicality in the game with cold weather)

Physicality is always going to be part of this game. That's why it's such a great game. It's really about catching the ball, not fumbling, not turning it over, just executing your plays.

(on his favorite Monday Night Football memories as a player)

The "Monday Night Miracle." I was on the Jets when we were down 27-3, came back, went to overtime, game finally got over I think about two o'clock in the morning. It was quite a game. I've had a few. I had another one when I was playing. It was a Monday night game after Dennis Byrd had gotten paralyzed. We weren't a great team in New York, and we went into Buffalo. This would seem like a really warm day compared to that. We actually won the game, and that was a pretty emotional thing at that time. I certainly remember that one.

(on his favorite Monday Night Football memories as a coach)

I remember probably one of the more memorable ones was a Monday night game when I was in Pittsburgh and we went to San Diego. I think it was Ben (Roethlisberger's) second year, the Super Bowl year. It was a really good game. San Diego at the time was a really good football team. That's teams I've both been with now, so it has a little bit of significance to me.

(on Steelers WR Antonio Brown's versatility)

You name it, he does a lot of good things very well. A lot of confidence. There's a chemistry between he and the quarterback. Really good after the catch, running with the football. He's all over the place, a number of different spots. He's a good player.

(on Steelers WR Antonio Brown not being a very big player)

He plays big. He's playing with a lot of confidence right now. He's certainly a reason why he is leading the league.

(on the importance of getting the running game going in the cold weather)

I don't know if that's maybe something that you have to do. It really depends on what other areas on your team you do well. I think you want to be a physical football team, and when you run the football, that's part of it. We obviously are going against a team that's very good against the run. They've been good against the run. We know it will be a tough challenge.

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