Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Practice Report



(on Jake Locker's injury status)

Progressing slowly but surely. He's getting better.

(on whether Jake Locker will play Sunday)

I guess he's got a shot until he doesn't have a shot. That's the best way to look at it. I know he's studied the plan. We talk about it on the practice field all the time, so it's a question of where he progresses physically.

(on how much Jake Locker practiced today)

He did a bit more today. I'm not so much worried about what he can do, it's the effects of doing too much and having a setback. We're progressing it the way Todd (Toriscelli) feels like is the best way for it, still with the idea of hoping he'll have a chance.

(on whether he is more or less optimistic about Jake Locker's status since yesterday)

I wouldn't say either one, really. We'll see how it progresses. I think we'll know more tomorrow. Probably Saturday will be the real determining day.

(on Charlie Whitehurst getting into the mindset of a starting quarterback)

He's played in preseason, so he's played in games. That's his job. That's what guys do. There's a guy in Miami named Don Strock that played for a long time behind Dan Marino. He was a pretty good quarterback. Just because he hasn't played, doesn't mean he can't play.

(on Charlie Whitehurst as the son of a former NFL quarterback)

Charlie (Whitehurst) would probably be better to answer that question than I would. It doesn't matter in the evaluation of him as a quarterback or what he does, really. I've met Charlie's dad, I have a lot of respect for Charlie's dad. He played just a little before me, but I don't really think that has necessarily anything to do with Charlie.

(on not facing Colts OLB Robert Mathis this week)

He's done it over time. He's been an effective rusher. He's a force. He's a good player. I don't know about an advantage. 92 and 93 are both good players for them coming off the edge. I don't get caught up in who's not playing, who is playing. They were a playoff team the last two years. We've got a tough challenge in front of us.

(on the production of the outside linebackers)

It depends on what you consider production. If they're allowing other guys to have sacks, then that is considered production in my mind. They're getting pressure on the quarterback. It's a team thing. That really isn't a concern. I think both of those guys have been playing well for us.

(on the outside linebackers creating sacks)

They're impacting it. I think they have to be. We've had some sacks. Derrick Morgan, just for example, has been close on a lot. He's made the quarterback step up, which gives somebody else an opportunity to grab him. It is part of the job of being disciplined and staying in your rush lane that allows you to be successful that way.

(on why he is confident with Charlie Whitehurst as a starting quarterback)

I've been around him for two full training camps, two offseasons. I studied him a couple of years ago when he came out of San Diego the first time. You just feel like from being around him, watching him take reps in practice and in games that he can function in our offense.

(on looking forward to Sunday's game)

It's always exciting to play a good football team. I know that the Titans haven't won, but they've been close in a lot of games. Hopefully we have a little bit of confidence going in there that we can play with this team, although they're a good football squad.

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