Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Camp Transcript



(on if he has seen improvement from Jeremiah Poutasi)

With Jeremiah Poutasi, some good things, some bad things. A lot of things of what we have seen with the rookies, but you've got to look at him in different situations and see how they respond. That is what this is all about. That's why we're rotating guys, putting them in different spots. As we said last week, we're just trying to find the right combinations.

(on if there is a rawness to Jeremiah Poutasi)*

That's probably a fair thing to say about all these young guys. I don't know of many young players that are polished when they get here. This is what training camp is all about. We had the spring, OTAs, and now through camp, so we're working. The real thing is when you get a chance to play them in the games. That's when you get to see really how far they've come, or how far they have to go.

* (on Brian Schwenke returning to practice )*

Yeah, I'm glad his vacation ended after a couple of days and he got back in there. Brian Schwenke has had a good spring, done a good job. Well, I guess he didn't really have a good spring, since he watched for a lot of the spring. He has had a good camp. It was good that we were able to get him back today.

* (on how David Cobb continues to progress after the preseason game)*

Just like you'd expect, he's done a nice job. I think just like we said last week, he is working hard at it. I think the biggest thing for him was working on getting back in shape, which a lot of that is just getting out here and playing, practicing, doing a little bit of extra, but he's making progress.

* (on if David Cobb is back in shape)*

We'll probably get a chance to see that Sunday night when he gets some extended plays.

* (on if David Cobb will play toward the top of the running backs)*

I don't know. We haven't talked about that yet. I'd like to see him somewhere in that rotation. We'll figure it out as we go forward.

* (on if Dorial Green-Beckham is making progress)*

I don't think there is any question that Dorial Green-Beckham is making progress. He is in a little better shape. He's lost some weight, he's made some plays out here in practice, he made a play in the game. For him, I just think it's trying to expose him to more things and get him more comfortable. I think when you're in training camp mode and there are so many plays that you are running, it's hard, especially for young guys. When you get into a game plan situation and it limits those plays, that helps, but we've tried to scale it down a little bit for him so he can play fast and get confident and then you try to build off of that and that's what we're in the process of doing right now. He's responding well, hopefully that will continue.

* (on if Dorial Green-Beckham is catching up after missing OTAs)*

Well, he's working at it. Obviously, missing the spring didn't help, because he would have had actual physical reps on those plays. That doesn't matter now, he's in camp, he's working and I'm excited to see him get more time in these games and see how he handles it.

* (on if Jason McCourty and Blidi Wreh-Wilson's injuries have benefitted the secondary as a whole)*

Well, I've got to give it to Coty Sensabaugh, he's had a good camp and played well. I thought he played well in the game the other night. He had the one penalty, but then he turned around the next play and got a turnover. Perrish Cox has been good since he's been here. I'd like to get Blidi Wreh-Wilson, and certainly Jason McCourty back, and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later, but it is giving these guys a chance to compete and some of these guys are really taking advantage of that.

* (on how Angelo Blackson is progressing)*

He's done a nice job. He's one of the guys that stood out early, as a young guy and I think we want to try to get him in to the games a little bit earlier, because you want to get him against some of the better players, some of the starters, and see how he holds up there, so you can get a measure of how he fits in.

* (on if there is too much depth on the defensive line)*

That's kind of a trap question, because as soon as you say something like that you have issues. I feel good about the depth of our defensive line and the quality of it, and those guys are working hard. Not only is it good for our defense, but it's good for our offense too, because you're playing so many different offensive linemen in so many different spots. You're getting a chance to see them against a good defensive line rotation, so that's an important part of evaluating them too.


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