Coach Whisenhunt's Thursday Camp Transcript



(on Marcus Mariota's pass to Justin Hunter in the end zone)

Yeah, he's doing a nice job in a lot of things. I mean every day is a new day trying to go through situations, get prepared as much as we can, but there are a lot of guys. We've got a lot of young guys trying to find their way and make a spot, or get a spot on the team, so there's a lot of things going on. A lot of them are good, some mistakes, but that's a part of it.

(on pass to Kendall Wright, whether or not it was incomplete)*

I didn't see it, I thought it was, but I was on to the next play after that.

(on if it was a good throw)

Great throw. That was really good. The defense was really coming after us today with the pressure and that's really about as close of a test as you're going to get to what you'll see in a game. It's nice to see him step up and make that throw.

(on if he is ready to see Marcus Mariota in a game against a pass rush)

I mean, that'll be on us before we know it. I'm excited about continuing as we go. I mean every day, we've got so many things we've got to do, yet to get prepared to even play a game. Saturday will be a good measure to be able to kind of do a game situation on the field. You know you just try to put him in as many situations, and I'm not talking about Marcus, I'm talking about all of these young guys, as you can, to prepare them, because something's going to come up one of these games that we're not going to have had a chance to work on and that's what you're trying to do. I will be excited to see him play when we get there, but we're excited about being able to continue to advance in practice and get prepared.

(on Marcus Mariota's nature and two minute drills)

We'll see, that's why we do it.

(on how Marcus Mariota did today (referencing question above))

He did fine.

(on Dorial Green-Beckham's progressions after missing part of the spring)

You know, he's doing ok. He's a young guy, he'll do good on one play and not as good on another, which is not a lot different from a lot of these guys. I think what you said, missing the spring didn't help, but he's shown some flashes of some pretty good things and I think as he gets more and more time, hopefully he'll be more comfortable and make those plays.

(on difference in Dorial Green-Beckham's preseason this year, given that he will be able to play football)

I'm sure there is, I mean if you think about it when you're running scout team it's not the same sense of urgency if you don't make a play like it is when you're playing in a game or like when you're practicing to make a spot on the team. That level of intensity, getting back into the flow, sure it's a little bit of an adjustment, but I compliment him, he's working on it.

(on Perrish Cox's ball skills in camp)

He showed it early and he kind of stood out in the spring with that and he has continued on that track. It's good, we've got some guys over there that are fighting hard, and doing a nice job. He is certainly a part of that.

(on if Perrish Cox should have had Marcus Mariota's first pick)

You'd have liked that, wouldn't you. Would have been a big story.

(on if the players know about Marcus Mariota not throwing an interception yet)

I don't know, I really don't. We don't talk about it. It seems to have its own life going. You could ask some of them I guess.

(on officials not throwing many flags at practice)

Yeah, I paid them off before practice, just because I know you guys would be watching that. No, I was pleased about that. We've got some plays we want to show them just to clarify some things tonight. We spend a lot of time with them over the next two days, especially Saturday afternoon, you know even tomorrow. We've got some questions, but it's always good for us. I think the big thing there is, when they throw the flag, they got a chance to, unlike a game, interact with the player. The player can ask them, like Da'Norris Searcy picked up his flag and threw it over to the sideline then went and picked it up and gave it back to him, you know Mr. Tough Guy but then he caved. Those kind of things are cool to see in this environment.

(on the new running backs/how important Bishop Sankey is)

I mean it's a competitive room. We're going to see how it all plays out as we get through preseason.

(on if he knew much about Josh Aubrey before bringing him in)

Louie (Cioffi) and Ray (Horton) had been with him at Cleveland so there was some history with it. We talked to him last year at one point and he ended up going to Seattle, so he's been on our radar. They've been excited about him, hopefully he'll come in and compete and help push that group.

(on if Zach Brown has first team job locked up)

Zach, we've got a couple of Zach's. I don't know about fair, I didn't know that his job was in jeopardy. He was a starter for us last year and he didn't make it through the first game and he was that way the whole spring so it's pretty much the same as it's been. He's doing a nice job and it's good to see him, he's an athletic guy he's doing a nice job in his defense, so we're certainly excited about what he can do for us.

(on whether or not camp has been going according to plan)

Well I thought today was good because there's always tests during camp where you find out a little bit about your team. We've had a couple of physical practices and you would think today would be a little natural after a little bit of a morning off, especially with the weather, field maybe, but they practiced hard. So yeah, I like the way that we're moving along in camp. We've still got some mistakes we've got to clean up. I think receivers, we've got to do - it was nice to see Justin (Hunter) make a contested catch today. That was one of the things that you really get excited about. But the real test, it's ok right now, but when we get into a game, those are the things you have to eliminate, make plays. That's when we're going to get the real test.


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