Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report



(on the offensive line)

They're full of energy. I know one thing for sure. We'll have five of them out there on Sunday when we snap the ball the first time. **

(on Michael Oher's and Taylor Lewan's injuries)

We've still got two days. We've got another day tomorrow, where we'll do a little practice. They've been paying attention in the walk-throughs. I think it's probably going to come down to a game day decision on Sunday. They'll both be listed as questionable. **

(on if either Michael Oher or Taylor Lewan are closer to being able to play)

No way to tell. **

(on Michael Griffin's injury status)

(Michael) Griffin participated today. That was good to see. We knew that. That was the plan all along. He showed a lot last week with his toughness. He'll be listed as questionable, so we'll see how everything goes, but it's game-time (decision), too. **

(on Kamerion Wimbley's injury status)

Kam (Wimbley) will be out.

(on if he thinks Kamerion Wimbley will return before the end of the season)

Yeah, we do. With the hamstring, we think he'll come back. **

(on the new linebackers adjusting)

It depends on where they come from and what kind of system they've been in, if that has any basis in this. Getting acclimated to this system, you can do fewer things when they're in there, but obviously we've got to work those guys, and hopefully they can contribute on special teams and get some reps in there.

(on if Dontay Moch has an advantage since he's been with the team)

I hope so. I mean, that's the purpose of why he's up, because he's been participating, studying, listening, certainly a lot more than somebody that hasn't been here. That's what you're looking for. **

(on other injuries)

They all practiced on a limited basis. **

(on Michael Griffin nearing the record for tackles by a safety in franchise history that Blaine Bishop currently holds)

Blaine was a real good player. I've gone against him a number of times. I think it speaks a lot to his work ethic and his longevity. I think last week is a great synopsis of that. A guy that, in a game where we are with our season, his shoulder comes out, he aims to get back in and finish the game, even catching a punt at the end of the game. Those are the kind of guys you look for to help get something going the way we want it to go. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that. **

(on Zach Mettenberger improving yards per catch with each game)

I would hope that we're starting to get it a little bit more in some things offensively, especially pass game stuff. Some of the play-action, things that have worked a little bit better. Some of it, I don't know if it's a function of Zach (Mettenberger) and his arm, because we had some explosive plays earlier in the year at different times. Whatever it is, we need to do more of it, obviously, because we need to be better offensively.

(on Chris Spencer stepping in for Brian Schwenke)

He's done it. He did in camp. It's not like he hasn't been here and he hasn't gone through the calls and he hasn't participated in drills and walk-throughs. They sit in a room together and talk about it. That's an important part of it. Chris (Spencer's) played in this league and has been a good player in this league, so you're hopeful that that's not as big a deal as you might think it would be. **

(on Brandon Ghee's and Quentin Groves' performances)

We knew a little bit more about Quentin (Groves) because we had him in Arizona and watched him play, and Ray (Horton) had him last year in Cleveland. I'm not surprised just the way that happens during the course of the season. He's sort of been in this defense before. As far as Brandon (Ghee), you'd want to think with the injuries we've had with Coty (Sensabaugh) and Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) and the way that position goes, he's had to step in as a guy that came in and worked out and got a spot. He's been working and getting better. It was nice to see him have an interception in the game last week. That's what you want to see out of those guys. **

(on what Michael Oher needs to show in order to be able to play Sunday)

I think that's what we'll talk about with the trainers and doctors and make that decision as we get closer to Sunday. He's a veteran player. No question he's tough. We'll see where he is when we get to Sunday as we go over the next couple of days. **

(on Michael Oher wanting to play on Sunday)

There's no questions about Michael Oher's toughness. **

(on struggling to run the football being a concern this week)

I don't go in thinking we're not going to be able to. We're going to certainly try. Hopefully we'll get better at it. Some of it in the last couple of weeks has been because of the game. Certainly last week, we got down to Philly in that third quarter and couldn't run it, had that much to try to catch back up. We've had a number of games like that. It's no denying we haven't run it as effectively as we've wanted to. We're going to continue to try to do that. It would help if we could convert some third downs at a better rate than we've been doing. That's a big factor in it. **

(on his first time coaching the Titans in Houston)

I certainly have a lot of respect for this organization and what they've done here in this city and understand where they came from. It does mean something. I'm excited about going in there with this team.

(on communicating with Tommy Smith on the way to Houston)

I see him every week. We talk a couple of times a week, too, so that won't be much different.   

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