Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Camp Transcript



(on if the new PAT rule will affect the team's plans or strategies)

I think some of it's going to depend on the game conditions, and some of it's going to depend on when in the game it is. We missed one in the game last week and we didn't react to it until later in the game. So we were aware of it, we've talked about situations where it's appropriate to go for two, so you just prepare for it from that standpoint. I think some of it's going to be working through it a little bit. Like I said, once again, that's what I was talking about when I meant the game conditions. If you're playing outdoors, it's windy, it's wet; if it was our preseason game we played at home last year I probably would have gone for two every time just because we were kicking from the 15 with that rain, so some of that's going to factor into it.

(on what he needs to see out of the first team defense on Sunday)*

It's going to be tough; this is a team that does a lot of different things. They've been operating their system for a while. We haven't really planned for them, so I guess the biggest thing is going to be communication, making sure that we do a good job of running our assignments. It's so important when you do this against a team like this because they have number 11 (Tavon Austin) and they move him around in a bunch of different spots. They do a number of boots, of nakeds, of misdirections. We didn't have a good showing of that last week in Atlanta and you know, it's hard when you're going against a team that you don't plan for. So it's just important that we do a better job of anticipating, communicating, and being better in those plays.

(on if Brian Orakpo will get any extended playing time)

Yeah, we will a little bit. We'll give him an opportunity to get out a little bit early if they do something too. We'll see how it goes.

(on if there is a plan in general for switching lines and playing time in general for the starters)

Probably somewhere into the second quarter, some of it's going to depend on how the game's going, what particular group it is, what we've done in the game, all those things factor into it. Once again, it's important for us, we've got so many young guys, it's important for us to see some of these guys in live action, while it's also important for us to see some of our starters play as well. I wish there was a defined line that I could tell you, but there's not. Some of it's just going to be depending on how the game goes, situations that we see, the anger factor, meaning if you get mad or not, so that's all part of it.

(on if he was referring to himself or the team when mentioning the anger factor)

Maybe a little bit of both.


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