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Coach Munchak's Tuesday Camp Report



(opening remarks)

It was the first time in full pads. It seems like once you actually put pants on it makes a difference for some reason. More fights, guys get into it a little more and I thought we had a good workout. Once things settled down, I think when the sun went down it got a little more relaxed. We got some good butting in and a good two hour work out in for us and a good start. We got a lot of blitz work today, run work today, and again trying to find a way to work with each other and against each other. It was fun to watch.

(on QB Jake Locker's comfort level today)

I think it's just one day at a time for him and each day is different because we are adding more and more things. Like I mentioned, today was a little more third down, a little more in the shotgun, a little more blitzing third down. That was kind of the emphasis today. He and the other quarterbacks did a pretty good job of changing protections and getting the ball out when they had to. It's a lot nicer when you are going against a friendly rush where they will pull back. But, he is doing what we are asking him to do.

(on getting himself into the middle of a scrap to break it up)

You have got to remember that you don't have a helmet on when you step in there. That kind of drill usually brings it out. That's why we try to do that inside drill, that nine on seven drill with half line so there are not as many bodies. That seems to get everyone going a little bit. Obviously the emphasis, people know you are running the ball so you have a little more thudding and pushing and shoving. That's why it has its perks but you have to be careful that no one gets hurt in that kind of thing. The period's pretty good actually, it went pretty well. 

(on LB Rennie Curran hitting a little too hard at practice)

You just have to be smart. I think after the second time we don't want him to take him to the ground. We want a good heavy thud, we want to get the form tackle in, and let the guy run. We don't want to finish, or throw him on the ground because that's when someone catches a knee or someone gets hurt. You have to learn how to practice that way and be smart. One time is ok, twice, that's not real smart. Jerry (Gray) does a great job of keeping his side under control I think. In camp there is no way around it, those things are going to happen on both sides of the ball.

(on Ryan Mouton injury)

Not quite sure, it just happened at the end of practice so I'm sure we'll find out here in the next few minutes; so I'm not sure, but you never want to see a guy limping off that way and hopefully it's not real bad.

(on Brett Ratliff not taking part in end of practice drills)

Well, I think we cut some plays out. The last two periods were originally going to be more plays. We scheduled this stuff probably about a week ago when we thought we'd have more people out here. Because of the guys not being able to practice, we just cut off some of the plays at the end. Unfortunately, it was probably some of the rooks whose going to get.

(on if he has spoken to Joe Paterno)

No I haven't. Not personally, he sent me a note. He actually sent Chet and I a note. Chet Parlavecchio we were together with him at Penn State so he sent a note to us congratulating us, and exited for us, and we told him we definitely won't coach as long as he has. So, but no he's reached out to us that way, so yeah. Chet's been around him a lot more than I have just because of the high school and going to camps there, but I know he's got a very good relationship with Joe Paterno.

(on Jake Locker making nice throws on the run)

Well that's the huge plus for young guys. You know if he does make a mistake or there is nobody open he can extend the play. You saw him doing some of that today like you said, and the receivers have to get used to what to do when that happens. And he's not looking to run, but even in any period out here its encouraging to see that because that's going to happen in the slate. He's going to miss the thing every so often, or there will be nobody open, or maybe pressure; but that just shows you that he…we feel that's one of his you know big attributes. He has great speed and he can go make a play with his legs.

(on Locker's accuracy on the run)

Well, yeah well we know he's got that. That's something he's always had a gift at doing. So, yeah we hope he doesn't have to run that often. I mean we're going to set up stuff where he is set to move out and move the pocket because I think that frustrates defenses. But hopefully he can sit in the pocket a lot more and not have pressure.

(on what Hasselbeck has been doing the last couple of days)

Well, he's chewing at the bit. I think he's very anxious, very anxious to get in there. You know being in the league as long as he has, I don't think he's ever sat around quite like this when he was healthy; so I think he's frustrated like the other eight or nine guys are that aren't practicing. But he's been taking a lot of mental reps, he's out here talking to Dowell (Loggains) the whole time, going through all the calls as if he's doing it. So, he'll be ready to go I think and we'll see how quickly he picks things up once he gets reps on Thursday.

 (on if QB Matt Hasselbeck will get extra reps on Thursday)

I don't think so. I think with all of those guys we are going to have to be smart of easing them in because they haven't done anything either with us since the season ended last year. You have to be careful not to be over anxious to give any of those guys to much reps. We will find different parts of practice where we give them reps. We will ease him in and make sure he is not throwing too much early. In the morning practice we can limit his throws, and you can go through reads and progressions without throwing the ball.

(on if it could be a good thing that the team will be getting a bunch of fresh guys on Thursday, about when some guys are starting to get weary)

There is no doubt it will help. We are about two deep in most positions. At this time you think you are going to be three deep, especially when you have 90 guys, but unfortunately a bunch of them aren't practicing. So, that's why we are cutting back on some of the reps at times. If they are doing a lot of running, just to be smart. We are excited for next Monday, when we will really have the whole team here finally. In our opinion, everyone will be able to work at full capacity by next week.

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