Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report


(on Javon Ringer's status as questionable for Sunday's game)

It was questionable just because we wanted to see how he got through today and everything. He looks like he's doing pretty good. It's hard for a running back because they don't get hit. He seems like he's had a good week.

(on if the Titans usually script their plays at the beginning of the game)

We script some. What our thinking is to start the game, a lot people do the 12 to 15-play script and then you kind of see how the game goes. It's just so the players have a feel for the night before what you're thinking is.

(on if that means that the scripted plays go in order typically)

No, it depends on the situation. You usually won't include third downs in there. It's really just first and second-down thinking, personnel you're thinking about putting in the game early, what you are wanting to see. You do the same thing in the second half. You kind of always try to tell the guys what we're thinking so when you come out, they have an idea of what we're going to do. The first game, it went real well. Both drives we scored on. The first series in the first quarter and the third quarter we scored in the Patriots game. Last week, the turnover kind of killed us on that first drive. It's more for the reason just to get locked in so the players can start focusing on what you're going to do.

(on if there is familiarity with those plays)

It's so they can narrow it down. Really, you cover all situations before a game of what the thinking is on the first third-and-one, the first third-down play. So you kind of give them an idea, from these couple of plays, we're going to pick one of these and that kind of thing, so they have a good feel of what we're going to do.

(on how important it is to get off to a fast start on Sunday)

There's no doubt, that's always going to help. When you're 0-2, it maybe helps more. So you're not challenged with a slow start, on top of being 0-2. There's no doubt that coming out with some early success will be beneficial. It doesn't mean we're going to win the football game. Then we have to hold on to it and play well the whole game. We know we have to win this football game. That's the bottom line. We have to come away with a win.

(on if the wide receiver group has as much potential as any group he's coached)

I would think so. It's just a matter of now going out there and doing it, showing we can stay healthy and showing we can make plays. As of the first two games, we need to make a lot more plays on offense. That needs to start this Sunday with Kenny (Britt), with Nate (Washington), with Kendall (Wright) and with (Jared) Cook. You got a lot of guys that can make plays—Damian (Williams), (Lavelle) Hawkins. We got a lot of guys, like you said. There's no excuse not to be making plays out there. We need to start generating some offense this weekend.

(on if he can think of a group of receivers as talented that he's coached)

Probably not talent-wise. Talent looks great on paper, now we have to see what looks good when you actually play the games. We're just getting started. This is our third game of the season. We're getting guys back. Getting Kenny (Britt) back is a big plus, but he's not really back yet. He's still working his way into that. Kendall (Wright) is a rookie, but we're excited about him. There are a lot of good things. We're headed with the right guys getting healthy, getting healthier as a team, a new quarterback. You have a lot of things going, we just need to come out and start showing what we are going to do. It needs to start this weekend.

(on if he anticipates the linebackers settling in this week with Colin McCarthy still out)

I hope so, we need to. Zach (Brown) getting to play more is going to be beneficial to us going into the season. Zac Diles playing more, same thing. He's going to play a little bit more than he has. That's the hard part about the league. Guys have to step up when it's their turn. We lost our leader on defense right off the bat in the beginning of the season which is tough. So we've been trying to fix that. We really haven't stepped up I think, and put a stop to that. Losing (Colin) McCarthy has definitely been something we've been struggling with.

(on the play of Zac Diles at linebacker)

He's just physical. He's a nice, physical linebacker. He can cover a little bit. He's got a nice little demeanor to him, he's a tough guy. On special teams, that's where he helps you a lot, but also, when he's played in preseason. We're just getting to know him too, having him here just this year. This gives him a chance to step up. That's what this league is all about. Every team gets guys nicked, gets important guys hurt. It's the ones that can step up and still win with your backups that eventually become starter-type of guys. On that side of the ball, we need to put a stop to the run game and make Detroit have to throw that ball, so we can maybe get some pressure and make a play or two.

(on if his familiarity with Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham will help the run game this week)

When you study film, the film is what they're going to do. Knowing his tendencies maybe in certain situations from being here, that may give you a little edge or you feel like you have one—just like I'm sure Jim (Schwartz) feels confident. He's been around here long enough, and we feel confident in the decisions he may make throughout a game. That helps a tad, but it's not going to be the difference in the game.

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