Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report



(on if they may see some inclement weather on Sunday)

Even when it's not predicted it seems to get windy there, at least in the second half off the lake, so that was good work for us to go against a nice breeze today.

(on if Matt Hasselbeck has seen that type of weather before in Seattle)

I'm sure he has seen about everything you can see between it being wet, rainy and breezy, so I don't think he will be surprised by anything and I think it was good for the receivers and everyone else to play a little bit in the breeze today.

(on what may happen when Ahmard Hall comes back from suspension)

We will address it next week once we get this game behind us. Monday we will start looking at that…I'm not sure of all the exact rules of when we have to do something by but we will have to look into that next week and make a decision. Obviously, if you are going to carry two of them then you have to move someone off of your team, so we will have to look at it…I think you have until Friday, so we have a little time to think about it but that's something that we will start addressing next week after we get through this game.

(on if he thinks Ahmard Hall kept himself in pretty good shape)

Yeah, he is probably one of the few guys you don't have to worry about so I'm sure that won't be an issue with it. I think it's just going to be what's best for the team when we have our options available.

(on credit going Brad Brown and the training staff for keeping the team relatively healthy)

I think they have done a great job. I think also that Steve Watterson, these guys are working out every day and they have scheduled workouts and that's part of it too. They are staying in good shape, I think they are getting stronger. I think it was different this year because guys not having the offseason was important for the first time that I think a lot of these guys have gotten stronger since they reported back in July when they came through the doors. I think we have a good program so I think we have a good program here. That credit goes to Steve (Watterson) and Brad (Brown) and his group, they are keeping everyone healthy. There is a little luck involved in that too, but they have done a great job with the guys when they have gotten the small injuries.

(on Chris Hope's health)

He did everything all week, wasn't limited at all, so I would think we would feel good about him having an opportunity to play.

(on Michael Roos making his 100th consecutive start)

It's amazing, I remember in his first start he started at left tackle for us because Brad (Hopkins) was being held for a game. I think it's great, he has a very good career so far, and his durability has been awesome. What he has been asked to do, playing right for a year and then moving over to left from there, he is smart and he is just exactly what we hoped he would be, him and (David Stewart). Congratulations to him, 100 games and I don't think he has missed a game.

(on if Michael Roos would be an All-Pro every year if he played in a bigger market)

I think he should be, I think that there is no doubt that he plays well just about every week. He plays well against whoever he is playing against, it's not one of those things where he plays up and down to his opponent. He plays at a high level every week and we count on him to do that. He has done a nice job with his leadership, speaking up more in the huddle, if something is called wrong he can fix it, he has done that since he has walked in the door, a very, very smart football player and they lean on him for that. He doesn't just listen to the play, he pays attention to formations and he understands what we are doing so he is a big help to the quarterback and even the other players on game day and on the sidelines. His demeanor is very calm, very poised, you don't see him get rattled very often and I think that is what you want in an offensive lineman. He has been a great pick for us and a great player for us. I agree he should have a lot more attention than he has. He got a lot of attention the year we started off 10-0 and he made All-Pro that year. He has played well since he has come in the door so he is a great one to have.

(on if there may be any rust on the return game for Marc Mariani since there has not been a kick return yet this season)

I don't think so, I think he is ready to roll and I think he is excited. I'm sure the return game, like we talked about, once you get out of September it seems like and get on the road a little bit in this breeze that it will open up a little bit. We hope that we get a special teams opportunity.

(on what going 3-1 would mean to separate from the .500 teams)

Obviously, I think it would be great, we know we have two road games before the bye and getting to 3-1 and winning three in a row would be a big confidence builder for us…that's the goal and that's what we are trying to do and then hopefully we can ride that into the next one.

(on if he has confidence that Donnie Avery could help out if needed)

It will be a learning process for a while but I think we will be smart to where we have been already. It's only happened in areas where we thing he can help and not put a lot of pressure on him or the quarterback so we all know where he is going to be and stuff that he is familiar with. When he does get in the game, you will see us put him in positions where he can make a play for us.

(on if Donnie Avery will be active on Sunday)

We will see, he has good chance to be but we haven't decided that for sure but I think we feel enough that if we didn't feel like he could handle anything then we wouldn't suit him up, but I think he gives us the possibility of suiting him up for that reason. The fact that we think he can handle helping us out in a game if he had to.

(on if the defensive line mimicking the cadence and snap count happens every week)

I think some guys are better than others just like anything. I think some teams do a better job. Third-and-one is a good time to do it when you are hoping someone jumps. Just the same old stuff with flinching with your hands, bobbing your head, there are so many games within the game to try to get someone to jump. Do I think it helps the official hear it that they sent a warning out, probably not. I think it's hard for someone to hear that. I hope they could but they warned and it's something that's hard to pick up on.

(on if Kevin Vickerson does that regularly and if being a former Titan helped)

I think he has done it in the past, I think there are linemen that have a knack for things like that and he happened to be one of them. I don't think it mattered that he was with us or not with us, I just think he is someone that does it every week. 

(on if he tells his players not to mimic the snap count, or if it's a 'don't ask don't tell' situation)

It's one of those I think. You don't ask anyone to do anything that is against the rules. I don't know if that ever happens by accident with us. Sometimes I think they are making defensive calls I guess, they think they are. I don't know if Kevin (Vickerson) has ever done it on purpose or not, it accidentally happens on third-and-one. It wasn't that we jumped, the ball was just snapped. That whole thing shouldn't happen, I don't care who is yelling or who is not, the ball shouldn't be snapped.

(on if it was called more when the umpire was behind the defensive line)

I don't know that it has ever been called, I'm sure it has been but I don't know to what degree, I don't know. I don't ever remember it being called when I was playing and they were standing right there. I think the officials are trying to concentrate on a lot of things. You don't know if they are saying…so it's hard I think with what did he say. Did he say 'hut', did he say 'move' was it the linebacker? It's a tough thing and it's just one of those things that's tough to police.

(on if there was ever a point in the lockout where Bruce Matthews had to be talked down due to the frustrations of the situation)

I think we all reached a point where there were a lot of frustrations, so yeah, I think it was sitting there talking. He knew that once we got started, that's what he signed up for. He didn't sign up for, and none of us did for reaching that point where there was nothing to do. He handled it well, I think it got frustrating and boring at some point for a lot of us, the rest of us had our families to lean on, but because we had all new coaches here, a lot of the coaches, not only Bruce (Matthews), a lot of the coaches didn't have their families here. When you are going through the offseason, when you have a lot more free time, especially weekends, and you are not flying home all the time, it is a lot harder to deal with some of that. I think us and for the teams with new coaches, it was a lot harder in that way, family wise and personally. Bruce is obviously one of our guys, but we had four or five of our coaches that didn't have their families with them so I think that made it a lot harder.

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