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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report



(on if he is pleased with Javon Ringer and if he is ready to play)

Yeah he is, he looks good, he ran hard all three days of practice so that's very encouraging for him and good for us. He should be able to play as much as needed.

(on if he will say anything to the rookies about playing their first NFL home game)

I don't think it's any different, I think we talked about that last week with the first time out there. The noise level is going to be in our favor which is nice. I think it's just to do your job and lock into what you have to do, you don't have to do anything more. It will be no different than last week. It's nicer being home and having the crowd behind you especially for the defensive side of the ball. You hope the noise level will be an advantage for us throughout the game with them having trouble checking off plays and things like that.

(on if he considers Jamie Harper a spark off the bench)

Yeah, I think he came in last week and I thought he would've played more than he did. I think he would've carried the ball more and if we had called more runs he would have. I think we are confident in him, he just needs to continue to have the chance to prove that during games. Now with (Javon) Ringer back in the mix, that gives us the opportunity to do things with all three of them so that will be a good thing this weekend.

(on the injury status of the players that didn't practice today)

The only guy that will probably be doubtful will probably be Chris Hope. I think the rest of the guys, Damian Williams and (William) Hayes will be questionable and that would be it I guess unless someone is probable or not listed.

(on if it's just better to error on the side of caution with Chris Hope)

Yeah, he is just not up to strength like I said yesterday. It's going to take more than a couple of days to have him ready to play on Sunday in the way that he wants to be able to play. We would definitely hold him this week and see how he is next week.

(on if they will ask the same things of Jordan Babineaux as they would of Chris Hope)

Yeah I think so, I think the nice thing is that you really don't have to change a lot. Like we have said, he has been with Jerry (Gray) last year and this year, and they are comfortable. We kind of know him very well…maybe in the past it would be different if we didn't know him as well, but since the coordinator did and they have such a good relationship and he knows exactly how to play him, I think that gives him a comfort level going into the game.

(on if he is OK with going into the game with just four healthy receivers)

I think we are OK. I think the way we roll things we will be fine, (Jared) Cook can do some things out there also. It just depends on what you are playing but I think we will be fine. We have done this before so we will be fine.

(on if he saw any dirty play out of the Ravens in last week's game)

No, I just think it's hard, it's emotional and I think you just got a team that talks more than most, so people notice it. When you have a guy like we mentioned, Ray Lewis and (Terrell) Suggs and guys that are emotional into the game and they seem to have three or four of those kinds of guys on their team so I think it just stands out more. They play with a lot of energy, a lot of excitement, a lot of passion and that shows up when you watch tape so you think more is going on than really is. Sometimes it's just something to get them going so they play harder and it's more motivation while they are on the field, or for them to get off the field. That's just part of their M.O. Like I said, they have good leadership there and the main guy has been there and common denominator is Ray Lewis. He has been there all this time and they have been able to maintain that type of attitude and playing level when they are on the field.

(on what kind of statement a win would make)

Coming out and playing well this week is going to be a statement I think, and the good thing is we are going against a very good team that everyone else perceives as one of the best in the league, and they are. We know that no matter what had happened last week in that game, this game will be just as big for us anyway. The fact that they won is great for them obviously and they beat a team that they have struggled with and now we get a chance to beat a team that we have struggled with. It's going to be exciting for us and we all know what it's going to be all about, anytime you play this team, like I mentioned they are in that grouping with Pittsburgh all the time because it's the same concept when we play them. It's going to be hard fought, it's going to be physical, it's going to be fun, it's going to be emotional, and it's going to be all of those things wrapped up in one. You are hoping that we come out and make plays early to make it difficult for them.

(on who's responsible for Haloti Ngata)

He will be over both guards and  be over the center, so you are going to have it where they'll use him on all three downs. He is not a guy that leaves the field because he is only a run stopper. He rushes the passer better than you think and gets that push that they like and he is a smart player so he kind of lulls you to sleep a little bit and all of the sudden he gets a hit on the quarterback. All three of our inside guys will have an opportunity to either double team him or single team him, and we know that they have a good one there in the middle.

(on what makes Haloti Ngata special and if he is a good athlete for his size)

Yeah, that's probably the biggest part of it, for a guy his size he moves well, he's got good balance, and he has some nice quicks. He has a couple nice moves with his clubs and does a good job there and he shows up every game and plays every down. Not a lot of D-linemen can play every down like that, most of those guys want to be rolled and want to come out, he is one of those guys that wants to stay out there and plays every down and is still productive.

(on if Lavelle Hawkins will play in the slot if Damian Williams does not play)

He will get a great opportunity to play quite a bit if Damian (Williams) doesn't feel better in the next couple days. We will be rotating all different looks there and we were doing some of that in practice. I think we will have that and (Jared) Cook can go do that so we have some options there.

(on if Lavelle Hawkins will be the third receiver over Marc Mariani)

Probably so, yes, (Marc) Mariani would be the next guy rolling in.

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