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Coach Munchak's Friday Camp Report




(on Jake Locker's evident progression today compared to his struggles the past night)

I just think that's how it's going to be. I think when you're installing different things, every day, every night, the defense is installing different things, a lot of times, we don't prepare for a lot of things. You're seeing on both sides of the ball, because you're not really game planning. So sometimes it's going to look a little off. Sometimes receivers are confused. Sometimes balls are being dropped. Sometimes the quarterbacks are not accurate like you said on both sides. I think, like you said, today was a lot better, for both quarterbacks, overall. These guys bounce back when maybe one night wasn't as good as the next. The running game looked pretty good the last couple of days. You're looking for the positives, on both sides. We're working at it. Today's pretty much the last day of install until next Wednesday. Tomorrow will be more of a big review, which will be good. Monday we're against Atlanta, so we'll get a really good feel for where we are at, limit it down to exactly what we're going to do the next couple of practices and we'll start seeing where we're at.

(on if there is any less pressure on Jake Locker than Matt Hasselbeck in the quarterback competition because of their age difference)

I don't think so. I think Matt's handling it well. Matt's been in the NFL a long time so he's dealt with all kinds of pressures and situations where sometimes its uncertain of who may play. I think he's learned to just go out there and play. I think he's having fun. He's competing. That's what he's all about. I don't think so. I think Jake's the same way. I think we're lucky. We've got two guys who are trying to get better every day, who actually like each other, who actually help each other, and root for each other a little bit. I think they're both handling it well. There's going to be ups and downs for both of them, which there have been, this camp, not just for the quarterbacks, for all of it. The hard part is only one can play.

(on Eugene Amano's current injury)

He went ahead and had his MRI this morning. The doctor was reading it as we came out. As far to what severity his tricep is, it looks like his tricep, on the pass rush, got kind of knocked in, and got soreness on the inner part of his tricep. So, he's sore, but we just don't know to what extent he's hurt.

(on if Eugene Amano's tricep is torn)

That's the thing. We just don't know. He was very protective of it. When you get something like that, you are.  You really don't want to be pulled on. They were putting him in a sling last night, so that's comforting. They waited until today to get a good look at it. We haven't seen it. He's coming back this afternoon.

(on fatherhood as a distraction for Jake Locker)

I would think, for him, that it's a blessing. I think it's probably easier, having his child. The fact that he can go home at night, when he's allowed to go home that is, during training camp, it puts things in perspective. You're competing to play football, but when he's holding his daughter, I'm sure his worries about having a bad day go away real fast. I think that will help him more than anything. I don't think these guys are really stressed over it. I mean obviously he knows he's going to play in this league for a long time. I know he wants it to be now, but I don't think either one of these guys are that worked up over it where its affecting how they're playing.

(on his comfort with Fernando Velasco playing at center)

Yeah, I coached him. I was here when we brought him in as a free agent. He's played in a handful of games where he's had to start. He's played well at guard and center. With guys like Fernando, it's just a matter at seeing how they are as an everyday guy. And there's no reason to think that he couldn't handle that. We definitely have confidence—I know the quarterbacks do. He's been here long enough to really know the system well. We're just lucky to have guys like that here, that you can plug in and guys that you have a lot of confidence in, and then we'll have to see how things go from there.

(on Fernando Velasco's leadership role)

I think the fact that he's been here helps a lot. He was an undrafted free agent that came in, did the practice squad routine, and worked his way up to the rotation, making the back up inside. He's got confidence and we've got confidence in him. I think he was going to be in the mix, anyway, at the center. He's spent more time at guard because of Leroy Harris, being injured during OTA, so it kind of forced our hand a little bit. So, he got a lot of work at right guard and the plan was in the second week to start getting him in the center mix.

(on if he's okay with the current numbers on the roster)

Depending on Eugene (Amano). If Eugene is a long-term situation, then we probably have to take a look and see what the best thing for us to do is. The problem is if you lose one more guy, then all of a sudden you have a problem. The way the rules are with three days where guys can't work, then you're kind of in trouble for four or five days. If we're going to miss him for a long, extended period of time, we're going to have to take a look and see what the best thing for us to do is.

(on if he's looking for a potential starter at center or someone to help during training camp)

Well the problem is it's hard to find one of those that are available. So that kind of ties your hands a little bit on where your reach is to. There are still a lot of ways to improve your roster as we know, and as you get further into training camp, as teams start deciding guys who are going to play and veterans that may free up at some point. As we've done in the past years, we've picked up linemen before after last cuts that have come in and are our backup or our swing guy that have been very successful for us. All your options are available, but unfortunately at this point, it's probably going to take a little time.

(on the status of Kevin Matthews)

We pretty much assumed he had some type of a concussion. He worked out today as far as the bike and those kind of things, he's cleared up, and he's doing much better. I think he worked out today, and he went through that fine. Now it's just the different steps he has to go through. He probably won't do anything for a couple more days.

(on if it will be tougher to bring a guy in at center instead of someone already on the roster)

Definitely it is. You guys mentioned Fernando (Velasco). That's why it's good that he's here right now. He's a guy we feel that can handle that. Kevin Matthews, when he's back next week, will also be in the mix for that as another center we have.  So we have some options with guys here. It's just a matter if Eugene (Amano) is out that you may start looking for another backup. Those kind of things where a guy can come in later and help you if someone else gets hurt more so than come in as a starter.

(on if Leroy Harris was having some issues during practice)

Yeah, his back. I don't know what it is. You get a run at a position, seems like everyone wants to join in. His back was just spasmed a little bit. Then they stretched him, and he relaxed and he came out and finished practice.

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