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Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript




(on quarterback Marcus Mariota saying that he feels good about his chances to play Monday night)

I'm always supportive of what he thinks. I'm hoping so, he did more today than he did last week, so that was a good sign.

(on what Marcus Mariota needs to show him to play)

He's got to be able to move around really pretty good to be able to play and not put himself in a position that he's going to re-injure himself. He's got to show that by the end of the week.

(on the Titans recent lack of success against the Colts and if it's talked about)

It's hard not to because we keep being asked about it. With the exception of Steve Watterson, I don't know anybody in that room that's part of the streak. We all have had our pieces of it. We're aware of it. Those things come to an end at some point, that's a fact.

(on if Steve Watterson is to blame for the Titans losing streak against the Colts)

Yeah, it's all on Steve (Watterson). It's his fault.

(on how this season's Colts team differs from the one last year)

Like Marcus (Mariota) just said, the defense. Got a lot of new faces, they went the youth movement, they brought in a lot of guys free agency wise. They are much younger, tried to go faster, I think they're bigger inside. Obviously, with the injury to (Andrew) Luck, you've got a new quarterback. They're running the ball more than they did in previous years, I think a lot of that has to do with just trying to get Jacoby (Brissett) confident. Really those are the changes I've seen.

(on if he's seen improvement from Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett as the season has progressed)

Yeah, I have. Obviously, threw for a lot of yards this last game, 22 for 34, pretty impressive. He's not Russell Wilson, but he's another guy that can extend plays. He can really be a problem if you're not where you're supposed to be in your rush.

(on if Monday Night Football is still the spectacle that it was when he was a player)

I think so, I do. I know it is for players. (I've) been in a lot of these games, coaching and playing, and yeah I think it is. It's a fun atmosphere, really fun atmosphere.

(on what running back Frank Gore is like as a pass catcher)

He's not slowing down. I showed some clips of him this morning about what he's doings still. We consider him one of those guys that can still change the game and now he's got a counterpart, Marlon Mack, that can complement him with the speed on the perimeter. They've got a good set of backs there.

(on how the team plans to defend Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton)

It's a lot easier said than done to do that, not many people do. Everybody goes in trying to take him away, it's very difficult to do. We have a plan of attack to do that. He had 100 and some yards, he could've had over 200 last week. We've got a plan, we always do, we'll do our best to minimize what he can do against us. 

(on how much better the team is equipped to stop a player like Colts tight end Jack Doyle)

Hopefully I think better. I think we are. We've gotten better in that area. It hasn't been as glaring as it was last year.

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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