Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript




(opening statement)

Injuries - did not practice, still (Johnathan) Cyprien, Corey Davis. Quinton Spain, hoping he can go tomorrow at least on a limited basis. And then limited was Marcus (Mariota) and then middle of practice was a little bit of a collision and neck (injury) for Tye Smith. He was limited for the rest of the practice.

(on what he saw from quarterback Marcus Mariota today)

I mean we didn't ask him to do very much, we were smart with him. We did what we thought he could do, and that wasn't very much, but enough. We're going to be smart with him. Positive for what he had to do.

(on if he expects Marcus Mariota to progress gradually throughout the week)

I hope, that's the plan. I can't predict it, but that's kind of the plan. Anybody that's injured, you'd like to see them progress, get better.

(on Marcus Mariota being patient)

He's pretty good. Got over a major injury from last year and was really good about the rehab. I mean that's not a problem, he works at everything he has to work at. He's a top pro at doing that.

(on how he thought quarterback Matt Cassel looked today)

He did good, it was good. Good to get all the reps. Had a good practice with him today.

(on the decision to sign quarterback Brandon Weeden)

Familiarity of the offense, very similar things at least from Dallas, even in Houston there's, where he came last, some familiarity. As quickly as we could get somebody up to speed in a short amount of time, he had the advantage over everybody.

(on if they considered signing Colin Kaepernick)

I'm not aware if there was, but I know he's not familiar with our offense. I know T.J. Yates had some experience with it in Atlanta and with us for a couple of weeks. That was about it.

(on how Brandon Weeden looked in practice today)

He threw the ball well, he threw it very well. He did a lot of the look-team, he took about three snaps a period of our offensive snaps just to get him comfortable in the huddle calling the plays, using the motions, our cadence, everything. Just trying to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. It was pretty good, I was impressed.

(on if he'd be comfortable with Brandon Weeden playing on Sunday if needed)

I don't think we have an option. Again, I'd like to say 'can we wait two weeks?' He's got to be ready to play Sunday. Again, he's not going to have the whole, full game plan. We'll make sure we have a limited number of plays he's comfortable and confident with what he's doing.

(on Matt Cassel's chemistry with the receivers)

They've thrown a lot of balls together, those guys. They've thrown a lot of balls. We do it every individual drill, all the quarterbacks are throwing them with everybody, so should feel comfortable. No game experience this year, but feel comfortable with it.

(on Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler not having training camp to become familiar with Miami's offense)

No, he's a smart quarterback. Obviously, another reason why they brought him in was being familiar with the offense, very similar to our circumstances with theirs a little more serious. It's nice that he can step right in and pick it right up. I've seen enough, usually today after I get done game-planning I'll watch more on the defensive side, but what I've watched, he's playing fine for them.

(on the Dolphins depth at the wide receiver position)

That's one of their strengths, definitely one of their strengths. And that's their favorite personnel grouping is their three wide-set and then all three of them are very potent receivers in a different fashion. Some, like (Kenny) Stills, vertically, (Jarvis) Landry in the slot, very tough guy to cover, tough player. It'll be a good matchup for our guys.

(on if the plan for the secondary will be revisited after their performance against the Texans)

We revisit everything every week what we're doing, so yes to that question.

(on if they are considering adding another secondary player to the roster)

We look at every potion, we have work outs, that's a discussion. Are we specifically looking to do that right now? I'd say no.

(on if he comfortable playing Marcus Mariota on Sunday even if he doesn't practice all week)

I could see that, yes.

(on if there is a scenario in which Marcus Mariota backs up Matt Cassel on Sunday)

No right now there isn't, no.

(on why he thinks the Dolphins offense has struggled)

I've looked at them a good bit, but not like I will by the time I get to the end of the day tomorrow. I can't put a finger on it. I think if they figured it out they'd have done something differently. I know that offense, I know the players on it, I know the guy calling the plays, I know a lot of the coaches on it. I know what they did after they played us last year, won nine out of 10 games. I know what they're capable of.

(on if traveling to London makes it more difficult to evaluate teams)

No, really that doesn't play a factor. We get the tape immediately, we're watching, that's all we can take it off of. No, there's really no advantage of that for them.

(on if the Dolphins have been consistent with how they've been playing)

Yeah. They've had a tough go here with that first game being cancelled, it does throw a wrench into your schedule when you have to stay somewhere else for an extended amount of time, and that place being California, back to Miami, back to New York, back to Miami, back to London, that's hard on a team. I know this is going to be good for them, I know they're going to be ready playing their first home game.

(on talking to the players about not letting the Dolphins have an offensive breakout this week)

I talk about us more than I do where they're at right now. We need to play a good game ourselves.

(on how good the Dolphins pass rush is)

I know they've only got four sacks, but that's a strength to me is that up front, as it's been for the last four weeks. They're not far off, sounds like I keep saying it over and over, but (Ndamukong) Suh is very difficult. (Cameron) Wake is playing at a high level, very high level. He may not have the production he's had in the past, but he's putting pressure on the quarterback, they all are.

(on the Titans pass rush)

I'm alright with it. We're putting a lot of pressure on them. We've played some quarterbacks that have been on the run, have made some plays on us. We knew going into the game plan that that was a possibility, we have put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks. Do we have the sack numbers we had maybe this time last year? No, but I do like the way we're coming after them.

(on how much the team will rely on the run game if Matt Cassel starts)

It's all going to come down to when we get done putting our plan together, which will be by tonight, how we're going to attack the Miami Dolphins, in which fashion. Obviously, the run game is always a big emphasis, but whatever it's going to take to beat them is what we'll do.

(on what the team can do to get in a quicker rhythm early)

Convert on third downs.

(on if the coaching staff is finishing the game plan tonight because of the quarterback circumstances, or if that is the usual timeline)

No, it's typical. It's a typical week.

(on if it is more difficult for offenses or defenses to prepare for two quarterbacks)

I've been in that position before. Yeah, it is more difficult. I know it is when we've had to, especially when you're talking the difference between these two. I'm holding out hope for Marcus (Mariota). However they're scheming, I don't know, but it's been difficult when I've had to.

(on how different the game plan for Marcus Mariota is than the one for Matt Cassel)

Not as much as you think. We have a really good offensive staff that does a good job of scheming up somethings, it will be good this week as well. It will be a little different, but not as much as you think.

(on if there is a chance that Marcus Mariota plays even if he's not 100 percent)

I would not put him at risk to do any further damage to him. There's a lot of people discussing him, including him, he's the most important one talking to us about it.

(on if he's had to reign Marcus Mariota in)

You know what, I think we've had some good talks about that. I think the communication is really important, and he's very good about that and being honest, up front. He knows how much football we have left, we have a lot of football to go. He knows our stand on it.

(on if defensive tackle Jurrell Casey is meeting the standard that he's set for himself)

I don't know if he ever does.

(on Jurrell Casey's performance so far this season)

I know he's got a lot of guys trying to block him. Has he had the production? No, but I think he's gotten better since the beginning of the season. I do believe that.

(on if he's seen any difference from Jurrell Casey playing five-to-10 pounds lighter)

No, I think he's quicker. I don't see the difference, in something like a double team, I don't see him getting pushed out because of the weight. I don't see that.

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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