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Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript



(on an injury update)

(No.) 29 (DeMarco Murray), (No.) 22 (Derrick Henry) did not practice. Limited—Jack Conklin, (No.) 78. And then full was (Quinton) Spain, Delanie (Walker), (Aaron) Wallace and Rashad Johnson.

(on why DeMarco Murray did not practice today)

That was more just us, me just making sure. Give him a day of rest and get his toe healthier. 

(on Derrick Henry's pain level)

I think it's gotten better. Again, another day (off) is not going to hurt him, especially this time of the year. We'll know more, again, tomorrow and see how much more he can do. It looked better than I anticipated.

(on if DeMarco Murray's toe injury does not heal quickly for a running back)

Probably not going to go away like you'd like it to. No, I mean especially what he does—the plants, the cutting. It is getting better, but it's still painful, for anybody that's ever had a toe injury.

(on if DeMarco Murray will practice tomorrow)*

We talk about who's going tomorrow and all the scenarios that are possible. If we were playing a game today, who would be up, who wouldn't. That will all take place at the staff meeting later this afternoon.

(on the Packers' run defense)

Right, they're No. 1 in the NFL against the run. Yeah, you'd like to, especially when we feel strongly about running the football and how we run it. It will be a good test for us.

(on how Antonio Andrews did stepping in for Derrick Henry)

I thought it was very good for him to absolutely out of the blue start the game. He got called up. For those two plays—again, especially with the zone read where it's a give or take—15 yards on two carries, I was pleased with it. I thought he ran hard.

(on how long before game time Derrick Henry strained his calf)

In pregame warmup.

(on how Marcus Mariota is doing)


(on if Marcus Mariota was limited in practice)

No, he's got bumps and bruises, just like most of these guys do out here, but he was full participation today.

(on when he aggravated his ankle during the game and how long he played with an injury)

About third or fourth series of it. That kind of tells you. You know, he ran the touchdown with it.

(on the mood of the team after tough losses)

I'd say hungry. How's that? I don't know if they're mad but frustrated. I think maybe disappointed after the games. Not disappointed now. There's nothing we can do about it, nothing anybody can do about it, totally out of their control. All we can do is worry about this one. I mean, obviously, disappointment after games when you've lost games that you feel like you've had chances to win.

(on if Kevin Dodd and Austin Johnson's limited playing time is due to veterans in front of them and if their production will increase soon)

I'd say all of the above. They've got some guys in front of them that are playing very good football. (Kevin) Dodd dealt with an injury. (He's) still trying to feel his way—a learning experience every time Dodd steps on the field. Austin (Johnson) will probably get some playtime this week—kind of counting on him being up. That's the plan. He's got some guys in front of him that are playing pretty good. 

(on if Austin Johnson would be active in place of another player)

He'd have to be. 

(on the difficulty of scheming for Aaron Rodgers)

Pretty difficult. With the weapons that he has, it's pretty difficult. I'm glad we've got a guy like Dick LeBeau who's gone against just about everything known to man. We're pretty confident, but we've got to play our best football. We've got to do a good job of putting pressure on him. He's a guy that, as well as anybody in the NFL, can extend plays and be as dangerous as anybody.

(on emphasizing with the defensive front not jumping at the snap count)

Already talked about, work out here with it, know about his cadence. Again, one of their advantages is their cadence.

(on how much attention they need to pay to the Packers' run game and injuries there)

It's No. 1—stop the run. They're creative. They've found ways to run the football. They use multitudes of personnel groupings, very similar to us, and they've got some players that are some explosive players. I don't care if they have an RB listed next to their name or not, they've got guys back there that are playmakers, (Ty) Montgomery being one of them. I think they've done a good job of creating some problems for defenses.

(on the impact Jared Cook is having on offense for the Packers)

Well, he hasn't played. He's been injured on the tape that I've watched. He may play. He practiced last week. Obviously, he did not play. He'll help that unit, obviously. He's a threat in the passing game with the rest of the receivers they have.

(on the difference in the secondary when three healthy safeties are available as opposed to four)

There's a little bit of an impact there. I think maybe one thing is our special teams. We've gotten somebody that's more of a special teams player with Curtis Riley. I don't think we had a problem against the run because of the safety situation. That was a group effort that we did not stop the run well enough. I'd be surprised how much three-safety we would be in against five wides.

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn, Amber Harding)

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