Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript



(on if the Colts are a dangerous team coming off of a loss)

Every NFL team is a dangerous team to me. I said it this morning, and I'll probably say it a lot of weeks, their record, just like ours, could be different if a couple things went the other way. That's the way I'm looking at it right now. We're not overlooking anything. I don't care about rankings, all those things. This is going to be a tough game.

(on what it would mean to snap the Titans' losing streak against the Colts)

I think, again, we took a step last week winning that game. Again, we're focusing on this game. It's another step in the direction, like I said. I think we're on the right track. We have a lot still to work on and still to do, but all it's doing is confirming we're going the right direction.

(on if the Titans' style of offense makes it difficult for opponents to prepare)*

It's a little different. I mean, it's a mix of a lot of things that people are doing. Even comparing it with the Colts, they do some things offensively we do with the unbalanced lines, some of the shiftings, some of those things. It's a mix of a lot of things. The more we can be like that and they have more to prepare for, obviously, it makes it a little more difficult for them.

(on if the Titans' offense presents a similar challenge as college teams that use the triple-option)

There's a lot that goes with that part of the game, definitely a lot that goes with that game. you better be where you're supposed to be and be very disciplined.

(on Andrew Luck's success as a quarterback)

The No. 1 pick. Your expectations for that guy are pretty high, and he hasn't let anybody down. He's only gotten better and better. He's a guy four quarters to the second, you've got to play him and be on your toes for the entire game.

(on Frank Gore and his success this season)

He's a big, physical back. He's been productive his whole career. I think that's going to give them a little bit of confidence in the run game. I think that's one of their better games they've played. They had a big lead with three minutes to go in the game, and a lot of that's because of the balance and the effectiveness of the run game. I'd be surprised if they don't try to continue that route.

(on the difference between this season and last in Brian Orakpo's success)

I think he's healthier. Obviously, we have some guys that can give him some time off. I think having Derrick (Morgan) back has certainly been a benefit. I think Coach (Dick) LeBeau has done a good job of scheming and trying to get him matched up on some of the things that affect him, get on some individual one-on-ones.

(on how coaches can continue to present different fronts on defense)

There's a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of pre-snap disguising. That's the beauty of Coach (Dick) LeBeau. He's done this for a long time, and he can keep finding ways to get the matchups. It's really impressive in how he does it. He does it week in and week out.

(on if most of Brian Orakpo's success has come at the right outside linebacker spot)

If you watch the games, especially third down, he's moving. He's all over the place. A lot of those guys are. Jurrell's (Casey) coming from all different directions. Really, Dick's (LeBeau) done a good job of just mixing it up. What you see on third down with our defense, there's no drawings of that in any playbook. It is exotic. It is very difficult. You better be good with communication, especially if you're at our place. With the crowd noise that we had, that's important that we get that crowd noise again. That is an ally for when we have all that moving by our defense. They've got to communicate, and if we can help put that pressure on that offensive line, that's big.

(on how to beat the Colts if the game comes down to the last possession)

Well, obviously, we'd like to get going early. I think we've done a better job of that, going early offensively. But this is going to be four quarters. It's probably going to be that way. It's like that almost all the games we're in. I'd like to say it's going to be different, but I would foresee it being a close game.

(on how demoralizing it is for a team to watch its lead slip and lose a game)

I mean, that's not a good taste. I know Chuck (Pagano) very well. I know that coaching staff. And really, this team has been together for a while. I don't think it's going to linger. I don't. It can affect some teams. I don't think he's going to allow that to happen. I think they'll be ready when they walk in our stadium.

(on how to defend against a late comeback by the Colts)

It's build a lead, try to keep the lead. It's easier said than done. I saw a stat this morning—again, I'm not looking for them, they kind of cross my desk—about the number of his victories, like 40 percent of them, have come from the fourth quarter. That just tells you, and they know that. They know they're never out of it. It's irrelevant what the score is all the way through because they know they have a chance always to come back, and we feel the same way about ourselves.

(on if players will let up on clean hits for fear of drawing a penalty after Antonio Andrews' hit)

I don't think they will. It was clean. It was a bang-bang. I don't want to see anybody get hurt. Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt, but it's a violent game. I don't think our guys will change. I talked about it after the game, I talked about it this week. We're not going to change our approach. We're going to try to do things the right way and play physical.

(on Antonio Andrews' social media posts of the hit)

Yeah, I talked to Antonio (Andrews) about that. He needs to just let his play speak for itself and stay off of social media with things like that. That doesn't do anybody any good, especially when a player's injured like that.

(on if Antonio Andrew is apologetic)

Yes. I don't know [about social media]. I'm not on social media. I hope he is. I think we had a good talk, but that's really his right to be on there and say what he wants to say. Hopefully, it's over.

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Lilly Kate Hollis)

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