Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript



(on if he is eager to see Marcus Mariota have consistent performances)

Yeah, that's what we all want. That's really been the message since we started camp is consistency, both individually and as a team. That's one thing we haven't (done). We've had spurts here and there and in previous games, so we'd like to see if we can put another one together like we had last week. That's what we like to do on a regular basis if we can.

(on if he talks about opponents' records with the team)

I do, just as a matter of my overview of the team. That's just part of it. That's not the focus. You just say where they are. You talk a little bit about their games. Very similar to us—they've had leads, they had a chance to win, they're very close to having a different record, as we are. We understand who we're playing. It's a fine line every Sunday, regardless of records, of who wins and who loses.

(on if Ray Horton's familiarity with the Titans and vice versa is an advantage to either team)*

I mean, I probably know Ray (Horton) a little bit more. The offense is somewhat different than when Ray was here. I mean, I don't know if it's a clear-cut advantage, but I do know some things with Ray and how he calls the game and how he approaches the game and approaches the week. I think that's a little bit of an advantage, but I don't know how much difference it's going to make in the game.

(on the importance of Marcus Mariota eliminating turnovers at home and why he's had less on the road than at home)

Well, it's very key. I mean, that's been the difference in some of the outcomes of our games are the turnovers. I'd have to sit down again, and that's what you do in the offseason when you go back and you look at all the cutups and you evaluate each play and every player on each play, to sit there and go, "Why is it different here compared to there?" I couldn't tell you exactly the reason why there's more turnovers here than on the road. It's the same game. He's playing the same. I can tell you that at a later date. I don't know why, right now, that's a big difference.

(on if Marcus Mariota's turnover ratio at home compared to the road is worthy of investigation)

Well, I think they've got to look at who you've played. You know, we've played some pretty good teams here, as well, starting off with Minnesota, who hasn't lost yet. Yeah, maybe that's something I've got to look into.

(on the importance of shutting down the Browns' run game early)

Well, that's their emphasis. They're going to run the ball. That's what they've had success with on Sundays. They were No. 1 prior to New England. They've got two very dangerous backs. They believe in the run, their team does, and I don't see that changing coming in here. Regardless of who they're playing or who we're playing, we feel like we can get our run game going. I'm sure they feel the same way.

(on if the Browns' approach reminds him of Tennessee)*

The schemes are similar. I'm not sure the philosophies are. You're looking at two 3-4 defenses with Ray (Horton) and Dick LeBeau, who have worked hand-in-hand together. Very similar—not a whole lot of difference there. Both offenses are very similar, too, in regards to a lot of moving parts—shifts, motions, personnel groupings, all over the place trying to get somebody out of place on defense. Hue's (Jackson) been that way. He probably does a little more than we do but very similar. And then special teams, I think it's going to be a pretty evenly matched game.

(on Terrelle Pryor, Sr.'s ability to do a lot of different things)

Yeah, his conversion to wide receiver has gone very well. He's gone through some situations where people have just not believed that he's been able to do that. He's shown that he can. I think he's going to get better and better as he gets more experience, but you've got to know where the guy is. He's a guy that can wreck the game wherever he is—quarterback, gadget runner, outside, run the go route. He can do it all.

(on if he has a preference of facing Josh McCown or Cody Kessler at quarterback)

No, because I think, like we said earlier, their emphasis is to run the football. The passing game is not as real complex. It fits whoever's going to play for them, and they've had, obviously, troubles at quarterback with the numbers of guys that they've had there. No, no preference. We'll face whoever we have to face.

(on Cody Kessler)

I think he's in a difficult situation. I'm sure he wasn't prepared to come in here and be the starting quarterback. I think the way they've groomed him and tried to get him into it by really handing the ball off and don't make a lot of mistakes, trying to keep him from making mistakes that will hurt that team, I think he's handled it very well.

(on if he is expecting to see Terrelle Pryor, Sr. in the wildcat formation)

We're prepared for it. We've seen enough of it on tape. We know that's coming. We just don't know when or where. If it's a good dose of it, we're prepared for it.

(on if he likes Marcus Mariota's approach of looking at other teams as faceless opponents)

I do. Even Russ (Grimm) this morning, he's talking about blocking players. Everybody's going to have, at some point, somebody hard to block. Regardless of if they're a 10-year vet, a Hall of Fame guy or a rookie, you've got to block them. It doesn't matter who they are. It really is irrelevant. It's who we're playing, who we're facing. I think it kind of falls into the same line.

(on if he has talked to Taylor Lewan about remaining calm)

Taylor's (Lewan) fine. I'm not going to take away the aggressiveness and the competitiveness of him. He's had the one penalty, supposedly penalty, down there on the three-yard-line. Other than that, these are calls that could have gone either way. The holding call was the holding call. The hands to the face, I question that, as well.

(on Jason McCourty playing his 100th game on Sunday)

That's rare. That's rare that you get a guy that's been with the same team and started and is still there and likes being here and does so much for this team on and off the field. That's rare these days.

(on playing a turnover-free game against Miami and finishing drives with touchdowns)

Well, it just supports what we're trying to do. We put up things we have to do to win the games. A must every week is don't turn the ball over and create turnovers. Because you look every week, that's the big difference in games, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. All it does is support what we've been preaching from day one that you have a better chance to have a good outcome in a lot of ways.

(on if he thinks a couple of home wins will draw fans back to Nissan Stadium)

I'll be honest with you, the message here right now is win this game. It's not about home, two in a row, the fans, the Browns have beaten us twice. It's about we've got to win this football game. Win this game. That's all I'm going to talk about, and that's all I'm going to talk about with this team is win this game.

(on if Kevin Dodd is making progress)

Not enough. Nothing stood out good or on the negative side with him.

(on Sean Spence)

He's playing well for us. You know, he's got some tough duties with being in sub. A lot of these teams we're playing are playing three-wide receiver sets, good third-down backs, so he's got to cover them. He's done a really good job for us. That's what he was brought in here to do.

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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