Coach Mularkey's Wednesday Practice Transcript



(on how Kendall Wright looked in practice today)

He looked much better than I was expecting. He really did, he looked good. We still limited him to a specific number of plays, just to make sure we're not overusing him.

(on how important it will be to get Kendall Wright back)*

Well anytime you have Kendall (Wright), you have a chance to make big plays, explosive plays. It's not just that ability, but also the loss of Dexter (McCluster), so we've gained back one and lost a player that did some things like that for us. We were short-handed at the wide receiver position, so it's good to have him back. It was good to see him move around like he did. Hopefully he's feeling good in the morning after a night of rest, and just continues to progress like he is.

(on trying to break the losing streak at home)

That's important for a lot of reasons. Our fans, the support we've had, this organization, we can't start something until we get the first one. They know it's important and it will continue to be discussed as we go, but we know the importance of it.

(on the test Oakland will present)

This group is pretty special. Their skill set is very good, and they do a really good job. Bill Musgrave, the (offensive) coordinator out there, does a good job of getting them in places that are tough to defend. (Amari) Cooper, obviously, is a special player, but really the guy that's playing really well is (Michael) Crabtree. So the two of them together, and I know Cooper really hasn't gotten a lot of touches lately, that may be a different mindset coming into our game, but those two guys in the run game are pretty potent.

(on what he wants to see more of from the red zone offense)

Actually, some of that's even before we get to the 20 (yard-line). We've kind of just hit a wall since we've been there, and again, that's some of the things that we're focusing on out here. We designate practice periods to emphasize, 'what is it?' Well, it's the 35 (yard-line) going in where really, we've hit a wall. It's been very similar, some of the things that have held us back, self-inflicted wounds, penalties, dropped balls, things like, turnovers. It's really more us, not blocking well enough up front in the run game to continue a drive. We've gotten some chances down there from turnovers and still haven't really been able to capitalize on them.

(on what has contributed to the low number of sacks Oakland has given up)

Well the scheme, they've given up 11 sacks. Their line is playing well, really playing well. Again, the scheme is getting the ball out of his hands. The quarterback is playing, I think extremely well for a second-year guy with a lot of poise. They're very good on third down as well, I think they're fifth in the NFL on third down. They're not in a lot of third-and-long situations where you can tee-off and come after them, they're in a lot of manageable third downs because of their run game and because of their scheme, so he's not having to hold the ball for a long time.

(on if Oakland's low number of sacks poses a challenge to keep up with that on the Titans' side)

Yes, I do. We've talked about where they are and where we are, and I think that's a good test for both sides. But we've talked about it.

(on only having 10 penalties over the last two weeks and if the team has a handle on that part of their game now)

Well I think it's part of that mindset of not beating yourself. We have been very good at that. That's what I'm more familiar with, especially offensively, not putting yourself in negative plays like pre-snap penalties, dumb penalties, holding calls. That's a part of what we're trying to accomplish here. Obviously, we haven't done well enough, but that part I have been very pleased with.

(on breaking the losing streak at home)

It will get the talking all over with and just move forward. They know how bad they want to win here for the fans and this organization, but let's get it and move on.

(on if breaking the home losing streak would be emotional)

I told these guys, when I got done playing and I went to work for IBM, the one thing I missed was the emotional highs and lows of this game. There's really not a business that I've been around that can give you the ups and downs. Even the lows you will miss when you're not in this business. So I have no idea. I just want to win like the rest of these guys do.


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