Coach Mularkey's Thursday Training Camp Transcript



* (on the health status of RB DeMarco Murray)*

He had a little bit of a tweak of his hamstring yesterday. He's day-to-day, I don't think it's anything serious. Just had him inside and had him being treated so, not serious.

(on the health status of rookie WR Corey Davis)

They're doing an MRI right now. We'll know more about him after he gets back from the MRI but it's a hamstring as well.

(on if he's worried about Corey Davis' hamstring)

No, I'm not worried about that, it's part of the game. It's out of my control right now—just try to do everything we can to get him back healthy. But we're ok at that position.

*(on if he did something specific to injure his hamstring)

No, I don't think so. We were there running one-on-one routes. (He) ran a very good route, won the route. Again, (he) just pulled it after the catch.

(on the progress rookie WR Taywan Taylor in camp so far)

I'd say—good. He's really been good, he's a little bit of a raw route-runner and I think this has been good for him. Obviously, offseason's been good but having Eric Decker here will help him with some of the little in's and out's and little secrets of winning inside. But he'll obviously get more reps now with the injury—and again I don't know what the extent of the injury is to Corey (Davis)—but as long as Corey Davis is not practicing, Taywan (Taylor) will get more reps.

(on if he's seeing the same good things from WR Taywan Taylor on the inside and the outside)

Yeah. He's quick and he's fast. I've been around the guys that have some quickness, and he's both. He's got some skills we're going to definitely take advantage of.

(on the progress of WR Jonathan Krause from last season)

Well he's been in the offense--he was in it last year--he has a little bit of an advantage of being around us and our coaching and what we want. You can see he's much more confident and comfortable in what he's doing. Again, he's another guy that I've always said—especially that position—to be more consistent. He has some really good days and then he has some days not so good, and that's where he's got to improve his phase of the game.

(on how long it may take for QB Marcus Mariota to gain chemistry with the new players)

I'm sure it does help that they had some time together prior to reporting to camp. I think that helped. It's really a matter of trust. He's going to know which guys are not patient with their route running. I think the receivers and the backs and the tight ends, they understand that they need to be where they're supposed to be and they'll get a chance to get it. And if not, Marcus (Mariota) will get off of them. That's building the trust to be where you're supposed to be and you've got a chance to get the ball.

(on if missing time in practice will set back rookie WR Corey Davis)

Well—reps. There's nothing like doing it. You can sit in the classroom all day, you can do walk-throughs, but doing it is important. Again, I'm not going to talk about the time he's missed until he's missed that time. I don't know the extent of the injury.

(on how it's been for the other running backs with RB DeMarco Murray missing practice)

It's been good for them as well. We're actually one less (running) back than we had last year when we reported to training camp, so they're getting a bunch of reps. Getting more now with DeMarco (Murray) missing these last two practices. It's good for them, especially the rookie.

(on his best Friday Night Lights memory)

I was playing Friday nights, well it was when I was a quarterback, so I had some pretty good memories.  We weren't real good, I do remember that. I have some great memories back from Friday Night Lights. It's really fun. I think it's a fun night for our players.

(on Friday's schedule)

We'll have a morning walk through. Kind of flip our practices, which we'll do again other days. We'll have a morning practice and a little bit later meeting times so they can get off of their feet and rest. Then come in here and meet again and be on the buses here at six o'clock and head down to Centennial.

(on the possibility of inclement weather)

Our grounds crew has been outstanding in regards to helping Centennial get up to our standards. We've watched the weather, and it looks like more in the morning than anything. We're going to treat it like we would here, if we don't think the conditions are good with the weather or the field we will not practice, we'll come back here and go in the bubble.

(on consistency from cornerback Adoree' Jackson)

I haven't seen any drop off. He's been very good every day he's been out here. That was a good pick today.

(on rookies trying to do too much)

Well you weren't here on Monday. That was their first padded practice. I had to pull them all over on the side and calm them down and tell them to take a deep breath and relax. First padded practice is typical, but we were more than the norm of lack of execution, making mistakes, mental errors, dropped balls. A lot of things we talked about coming out here and doing and getting better every day doing it, they came out here. Especially the offensive rookies struggled. We had that talk already, and they've responded pretty well.

(on the offensive line and defensive line competition)

It went well, really competitive. I was with the seven-on-seven group until the competition went on. Defense won it with a hands-to-the-face by Dennis Kelly. I thought it was a legitimate call. Guys get frustrated that they get a flag, that's why they have the officials out here, to call what they see.

(on who offensive lineman Dennis Kelly was against in the competition)

He was working against (Erik) Walden.

(on which offensive players will play in the first preseason game)

We haven't talked about that yet. A lot of that's based on these couple of weeks building up to it, how much good work we get done

(on if quarterback Marcus Mariota's interceptions are a result of an improved secondary)

That's part of it. I think a little bit of it is timing. I think they've been more in team segments, where he's not had a lot since last season. It's a little bit of everything that's causing that.

(on how many interceptions quarterback Marcus Mariota has thrown)

I don't know. The play that Adoree' (Jackson) did pick was a repeat play. I do have to give credit a little bit, we ran the play over so he kind of had an idea of what was coming.

(on if there was a penalty on that same play)

Yeah there was.

(on what the penalty was)


(on if there was a face mask penalty on wide receiver Eric Decker on the same play)


(on the defense setting a physical tone)

I think the guys up front, really the front seven. Today I started the team period over, I thought they had set the tempo and we didn't respond real well offensively. We had two sacks the first two passes. I think the front seven, especially outside edge rushers.

Titans players take the field for Day 6 of the team's 2017 training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Donn Jones Photography, Gary Glenn)

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