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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript




(on the team's injuries)

Same thing. Obviously Corey (Davis) and Cyp (Johnathan Cyrpien) out. Limited were Derrick Morgan with the ab strain and Delanie (Walker), he was limited with an upper calf issue. DeMarco (Murray) did not practice.

(on if running back DeMarco Murray is getting rest or if there is worry about injuring himself further)

He was going to get some individual, we decided it was probably better to give him another day and hopefully get more out of him tomorrow. That was the plan.

(on if DeMarco Murray being out of practice during the week is similar to the week of practice leading up to the week three game against Seattle)

It's very similar.

(on if taking a week off is beneficial to a rookie quarterbacks)

I have not been a part of that, so it's hard for me to even comment on it. It's difficult to say something about it when I really have not had to have that issue on the teams I've been on.

(on if it's been a while since he's seen the league be this 'up for grabs' six weeks in)

It's been a unique year, I'll say. I've said it's a week-to-week. They've been very good football games, they've been really good games, there have been some really big surprises. It's hard to predict who's going to win every week, it is, it's hard to predict.

(on if there is an 'element of danger' facing a team that is winless)

If you let them, if you let it be. We were in this position last year, a very similar scenario. They're very close to having a record like we are, they're plays away from being three-and-three as well. We have a lot going on, I'm trying to make sure these guys are locked in on this game with a bye coming up. There's things that can take our focus away. I've addressed it first thing Wednesday morning. We've had a great practice, we've had very good meetings, I think they're locked in like they should be. We'll go in there very well prepared for a good football team.

(on if their familiarity with the team affects game planning)

It's different. This is Hue (Jackson's) second year, the offense we're pretty familiar with just from the second year. Obviously, Gregg Williams being the defensive coordinator, that's a whole new scheme with being a four-down. It is different, some of the personnel, Myles Garrett, different. It's taken some time, especially being on a short week, to get prepared to get for this team.**

(on what he likes about Browns rookie defensive end Myles Garrett as a pass rusher)

He can do it all. Just for his size, he's got great length, very good, powerful man, has multiple moves, very athletic, very slippery. He's very good. You know why they picked him where they picked him.

(on if the team has learned something about taking opponents lightly heading into this game)

I think we've learned something every game we've played this year, I really do. I don't pick out one in particular that stands out, but i think there's something that we've learned, even up until this Monday night game, about ourselves.

(on if there is enough film of Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer's professional career)

I think there's enough film out there right now.

(on how the team guards against former Titan Jason McCourty, who know the teams schemes and personnel)

I don't know how much of an advantage it is. I think, obviously, personnel, our receiver group is relatively brand-new with the exception of Rishard (Matthews). I know he knows Delanie (Walker). He knows the scheme, but to go in there and try to go in there and decipher everything and know your own defense, it's difficult. I've been on different teams, it's difficult. You can drill them all you want, there isn't a whole lot that comes out of it.

(on if Myles Garrett has been moved around at all)

No, he's been to our left. That's kind of a Gregg Williams, that's his best position. He's not trying to get matchup issues, he's going to put him where he's most productive.

(on if quarterback Marcus Mariota gets any benefit from facing the Browns for a third straight year, or if there has been too much turnover with their defense to make a difference)

It's a different defense, it definitely is a different defense.

(on if the team has to have productive games from wide receiver Eric Decker when tight end Delanie Walker is getting double or triple-teamed)

It obviously open ups other guys to single-coverage, and some no coverage. They had a number of busts with that game trying to take away Delanie (Walker), we had a big play to Taywan (Taylor). Yeah, guys have to step up and take the opportunities.

(on the benefit of heading into the bye week with two straight wins)

I think the bye, I'm hoping it's not on their minds as much. I don't think it is. I asked them early on in this week to take care of all of the arrangements, all of their travel, all of their plans with their family and friends, so when we came in on Wednesday it was all about the Browns. Obviously it'd be nice, but that's not the intent, it has nothing to do with the bye this week.

(on what he's looking for from the nose tackle)

Looking for the best combinations, especially when we're in base, the best combinations of nose and ends. We've got multiple guys that can play both. I don't think there's a let down in any of them, we just want to see what our best lineup is.

(on what he likes about the team's nose tackles)

Some (of them), you have a little better pass rush, some can play sub defense for you. Some are better at nose than they are at end, but they can play both, which gives you a benefit. You can go into a game with five instead of six, like we have this last game. You have a little bit more versatility with these guys.

(onif there are common characteristics of a Gregg Williams defense)

Yeah, I'd say so. All coordinators and all guys that have played each other, he was in New Orleans when I was in Atlanta, you can go back and see some similarities. There's some new, there's probably more new than old, but there are some things there that you can still see of his philosophy.

(on playing an AFC North team for four straight games, and if there is something about that division that will test this team)

I don't know if I've ever been a part of a schedule that puts you in for straight division game of an opponent. I don't know if there's an advantage or disadvantage of doing it, it's a first for us, for me. There'll be some good tape out there for us to watch with Pittsburgh running a similar offense.


Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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