Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on if the coaching staff considers having more pass rushers active on the roster on Sunday when facing Russell Wilson)

That's considered every week. That's the tough part, every day we talk about who we want to keep up and who's going to be inactive. It may change daily, some of it is injury. Pretty simple, you know those guys are down. But we talk about it, and then the final say, it goes all the way up until Saturday when we make that final decision. It's a discussion every single day.

(on if he has seen any progress from running back DeMarco Murray)

A little bit, yeah. We're hopefully going to get him out to practice tomorrow.

(on if the Seahawks' defense is similar to that of the Denver Broncos last year, and if they will be approaching them in a similar way)

With some of the personnel, probably yes. I'd say, similar personnel wise. Scheme wise, very similar to last week, not very complicated, trying to get to the quarterback, very similar to what we just went through. People wise, there are some players that can be that disruptive.

(on if this is a 'ball-security-first' type of game, and how quarterback Marcus Mariota handles that responsibility)

Yeah, he's done a nice job. Yeah, that's every game, but probably emphasize it a little more this week than most. It's a pretty big emphasis for us.

(on if DeMarco Murray has to practice tomorrow to play Sunday)

I think he's going to practice, but we'll see. I'll make that decision. It's not an 'if, and, or but.' We'll make that decision Sunday by the time I have to.

(on Seahawks rookie running back Chris Carson)
He's playing well. They like to use all their backs, everyone says it's a running back by committee, but he seems to be the guy, more of the guy, than the rest. He's run the ball well.

(on if Chris Carson has more speed that other running backs he's faced)

It's a different scheme, definitely a different scheme. More zone scheme, kind of like Denver, trying to get to the perimeter, a lot of cut blocking. They're a very similar run scheme to Denver.

(on finishing last season with five home wins and then losing Week 1 at home)

We want to win them all at home.

(on if winning at home is something that he still emphasizes)

I still do. Hopefully one's not going to throw a wrench into what we want to do at home. I don't think it will.

(on how comfortable he is with playing running back David Fluellen in the event that DeMarco Murray can't play)

Very. He's had a very good camp. When he's had his opportunities, just like Derrick (Henry), he's taken advantage of his opportunities and done well. Very comfortable with him.

(on if he sees any similarities between Marcus Mariota and Russell Wilson)

Other than their mobility, very smart quarterbacks, being able to extend the play, got to defend them for a long time. The zone read scheme, they're very good at it. They're very smart, and making good decisions on what to do with the football.

(on if tackling is the key to success against Russell Wilson and if he has seen the team's tackling improve from week to week)

It was better. I thought the second, the last couple of drives, it was a drop off there. 60 minutes of tackling is what we need, especially with a guy like this.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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