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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript




(opening statement)

Second good day of work for us. We've had really good two practices, very focused, minimal mistakes. No penalties yesterday, two penalties today, so real good.

(on the Jaguars being strong on the outside)

I think we're better as well on our side. We've got a good plan on how we're going to go about it. They're physical outside, that's the biggest thing. It's going to be really contested throws because there's going to be some tight coverage. They're a couple of physical corners.

(on Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey)

He's confident, he's gaining confidence each game he plays, and it shows up on tape. I think he's a good tackler. Just his body language says he's got a lot of confidence.

(on the team getting a taste of warm weather before traveling to Jacksonville)

It was pretty warm today, not like it's going to be down there, it's going to be 86 down there. I was talking to somebody, I played down there, if I do remember right, it was really hot for me too. I don't think it's going to be a big factor, both teams are going to have to deal with it in some way. I don't think it will be an issue.

(on if the team will try and force the Jaguars to take more risks in their passing game)*

The thing they did well was, the yards they were making on first or second downs, they were either making first downs or putting themselves in a position to make makeable third downs and not have to hold on to the ball. That's why it's so important about the run game, trying to limit the yardage on them, keep them in third-and-long distance where they've got to protect a little longer to hold it. That's every week, that's the formula every week, try and get them in third-and-long situations.

(on if defensive tackle Jurrell Casey participated in practice)

Jurrell did not practice today. He should practice tomorrow, may be limited. Jurrell (Casey), Tye Smith and (Johnathan) Cyprien did not practice today.

(on if Jurrell Casey will be a game-time decision on Sunday)

No, I think he'll (play). I can't predict the future, but I would think he should be ready to play.

(on if Jurrell Casey was injured in a specific play against the Raiders)


(on the team getting back to it's offensive identity)

I don't think we were that far away from it last week. Certain things, certain situations, dictated the way it went. I'm always going to give credit when it's due, it's a good defense. It's designed with those two guys outside. I hate talking about last week. We got an identity and we're not getting off of it, I ain't changing.

(on the run game in last week's game against the Raiders)

I was pleased with it. You're going to have some nothing, short, maybe a no-gain again, and then you're going to get a big one. That's the way this league is, and that's no different than what we had last week when DeMarco (Murray) had a big one. And then even on some of the plays that Marcus (Mariota) had, we had some big runs. That's just how it all averages out every week.

(on the coaches staying patient)

I think we are, I think we are patient. I think our coaches do a great job on the headphones talking through what we want to do in each series. It's not worth getting frustrated, there's nothing you can do about it. We have a good plan, we're going to stick with it. No, no frustration.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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