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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript




(on the team's injuries)

No practice for LeShaun Sims. We're going to see if he can run tomorrow and make a decision on him tomorrow. Taylor Lewan was limited. Hopefully we get some more work from him tomorrow. Other than that, that's it.

(on if he thinks tackle Taylor Lewan will play on Sunday)

I do.

(on what he needs to see from cornerback LeShaun Sims for him to play on Sunday)

Run full speed.

(on if LeShaun Sims has made any progress on running)

I'd say yes.

(on what he anticipates the atmosphere at Sunday's game to be like)

I know there's been excitement for a while here. Opening day is tough to beat anywhere in the league and I think our fans are excited to see this team come out and compete. It's a good game to come watch, good opponent that we're facing. I think the environment's going to be great.

(on rookie wide receiver Corey Davis staying strong mentally while rehabbing)

I think he has done remarkable to come out here. He's had (a) very limited number of reps since he's been here. He's had more reps the last two days than he's had in most of the offseason. He hasn't made very many mistakes. Rarely has he had to be corrected on splits, depths, routes, who he's blocking. I know he's working. I know he's preparing, and he has been. Even being injured, he's been ready.

(on Corey Davis always having the correct answer when quizzed)

He has. He gets quizzed a lot too, they all do. He's on top of everything. He understands he has to do that when you can't practice, and obviously he has. He's been productive in practice these past two days.

(on rookie wide receiver Taywan Taylor benefiting from extra reps)

Probably more than anybody. He's had the most reps. He's run the most, we chart these guys, how far, how fast, he's always at the top of the list. It's probably good for him, to get as many reps as he can.

(on the secondary being tested by the Raiders receivers Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper)

It's a duo, two 1,000-yard receivers. Really good. They're deep-ball catchers, they're really good on third downs. They're his go-to guys right now, he has a lot of confidence in them and I can see why. There's definitely a connection between the three of them, and now they've added a tight end to the mix, a ball-catching tight end. That should help them as well.

(on how he likes having Johnathan Cyprien and Kevin Byard at safety)

Pretty good. They're both hitters. (Johnathan) Cyprien likes contact, he likes run support. I think we've got some guys back there that are good at communicating. That's what Kevin (Byard) does, he puts us in a good position back there. Very smart, very few times that we're out of place with our secondary back there, which is rare for as many guys as we have that are new back there.

(on Kevin Byard communicating well, despite only being in his second year in the league)

For me it is, it's a bit rare to see a safety (like that). He just looks like a veteran that's seen a lot of action. He's not intimidated at all. He's very comfortable back there.

(on the team's injuries)

LeShaun Sims did not practice and Taylor Lewan was limited in practice. Other than that, we're pretty healthy.

(on if he expects cornerback Adoree' Jackson to start on Sunday if LeShaun Sims doesn't play)

We'll talk about that after the game. You guys know me better than that.

(on if anyone will step up and be the leader of the secondary)

I think we've got a few guys back there. Whatever way you want to declare them a leader, whether it's by play. I know when (Johnathan) Cyprien hits you, I'm seeing a pretty good leader that likes contact. Kevin (Byard) is great at communication. Logan Ryan has seen a lot. We've got a good group back there. I don't know if there's one single guy that's going to grab them, I think there's a bunch of them back there.

(on if injured players will have to practice Friday to play on Sunday)

Yeah that's typically been the case. Can that change? Yeah, that's not something chiseled in stone. We'll see how they both are tomorrow.

(on if he's seen what he wanted to see from Corey Davis)

Yeah, he's been impressive in some of the things he's done, he really has. He made a catch out here today that very few I've seen make. That was pretty impressive. Sorry you had to miss it, but it was a pretty darn good catch, showed a lot about him and about his ability.

(on if he is comfortable play guard/tackle Dennis Kelly on both the left and the right side or if he prefers one)

I think he has shown he can play either side. He played the majority of the Green Bay game last year. To me he can play both spots. He's one of our guys that's playing as a jumbo tight end. He can play a lot of spots for us. That's why we brought him here, or traded for him, was versatility. He can play guard as well.

(on if he would play tackle Jack Conklin on the left side if Taylor Lewan doesn't play on Sunday)

Those are all discussions that we'll have.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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