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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript




(on if there is temptation to play the twos and threes in the first half of the game against the Bears)

That'll probably be in the discussions that we get into with the personnel tomorrow. You like to get a lot of young guys a lot more reps, it's the way the cycle works. They have to take advantage of the ones they get no matter who it's against. There are some that aren't. It doesn't matter who you're going against, all those guys are doing a good job of making a difference.

(on if rookies will notice the difference in preparation from last week to this week)

There's a lot there they've got to study, there is. It's not to the extent of a regular game plan, but there's enough in there that if they're not studying it'll show up on the game tape, there's no question.

(on if he likes the way Sunday's game will simulate a typical Sunday game with a noon kickoff)

I like the whole process of the week leading up to Saturday night meetings before, pregame meal at 8 o'clock in the morning. Just getting your body clock ready, so it's not the first time when we line up against Oakland. I do like it. I'm hoping we get some heat to see where we're at physically.

(on facing two different quarterbacks in Mike Glennon and Mitchell Trubisky)

He (Mitchell Trubisky) is very athletic. It'll be good for us. How much the game plan changes based on who's back there, I don't think is very much. If we play our rules and do their jobs, really execute, I don't think it matters who's back there.

(on how Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky looks to him so far)

He is athletic. He is a threat out of the pocket. He's making some good throws, especially out of the pocket. He's very accurate. I've been impressed with what he's done in the chances that he's had.

(on what about defensive lineman Austin Johnson's play has stood out)

He's playing fast, he's playing physical. He's holding the point very well. The violence in his game is getting better, it has since he's been here. I've been pleased with the way that he's played.

(on what has made outside linebacker Aaron Wallace successful this preseason)

Aaron (Wallace) is smart. We can play Aaron (Wallace) at a number of positions. He's a powerful man, very powerful. He's facing some much bigger tackles when he's rushing. He's been very productive. He's had the ability to have more sacks than he's had. We think he should've had four in his first two preseason games. He's been very productive.

(on Aaron Wallace's calm demeanor)

He's very quiet. Very good person, very nice guy, but when the ball is snapped he's a violent player. He's very powerful, you can't tell it but he is.

(on running back DeMarco Murray's day)

Better day, took more reps than he has any other day. I'm going to watch him on tape, but I thought it was a better day.

(on if DeMarco Murray's practice today increased his chance of getting more reps in the game on Sunday)


(on if he expects DeMarco Murray to be the first starter out of the game on Sunday)

No, I'm just going to see how the game's flowing. We always have an idea when we talk about it, but it can change all based on how we're playing, on the flow of the game, the number of plays, where we're at. That may be a discussion we have when we do tomorrow.

(on how many reps DeMarco Murray took in today's practice compared to the number of reps he took before the injury)

Probably less than half.

(on how wide receiver Corey Davis is progressing)

He's coming along. I think we're going to look a little bit harder after this game, see where he's at. He's running on a treadmill, not a real treadmill, but something that is at least taking the pressure off of his lower half. It's called an Altered G. He's running pretty well with that. When he starts to run on the treadmill that will be a good stage that we're at with him.

(on his conversations with Corey Davis)

I know he's frustrated. Nobody's down on him, nobody's disappointed in him. There's nothing you can do. It's the injury he has, we're not disappointed in him. We want to help him get back and we know he wants to come back.

(on Corey Davis being engaged even though he is sidelined with an injury)

He's got to. The other thing is, he's got to be in football shape when he comes back so he's been doing a lot of things on his down time to stay in somewhat shape without stressing the injury.

(on Corey Davis putting in work 'when nobody else is watching')

I would think that's probably why he is where he's at. I would say that's a lot of why that is where he's at. That's important. That's anybody that's made it, it's what you do when nobody asks you, tells you, directs you. He does that a lot.

(on if players on the roster still have time to sway the coaches opinions)

Sure. It's the last first impressions and last last impressions and 'what'd you do for me lately.' There's plenty of time for these guys. We've got another practice, a fast practice, tomorrow. Every day is important to these guys.

(on if there's a chance wide receiver Eric Decker will play in this Sunday's game)

He'd have to practice tomorrow, I don't see that happening. If a guy doesn't practice tomorrow, I'm going to have a hard time playing him on Sunday. Just like a regular season game.

(on if Brynden Trawick has had fewer reps at safety to give coaches the opportunity to evaluate Denzel Johnson)

Little bit of both. Brynden (Trawick), he can play safety. I think everyone has the wrong impression that we brought him here strictly to play special teams, but he can play safety. He can do a lot of things for us. He can play up in the box. Just a little bit of both. Denzel (Johnson) does some good things for us as well. We're pretty fortunate, we've got a lot of guys that can play back there.

(on the starters seeing less playing time in the fourth preseason game)

We'll taper them back, I don't know to what number right now. This Sunday game may have something to do with that.

(on Titans female employees and player/coaches wives participating in the G.I. Jane program)

Last I saw was Betsy (Mularkey) and Steve Watterson's wife in I think it was a Blackhawk, it was a helicopter. They were FaceTiming me from Fort Campbell up in the helicopter, which I thought was a really fabulous experience. I think there's 38 to 40 women that are up there today. Really getting the ropes, similar to what the players did, the obstacle course, the repelling wall, I think they're actually going to get to fire live weapons. I know for sure they're in helicopters, I know that for a fact. What a once in a lifetime experience for these women.

(on coaches using the preseason to get back into 'game shape')

No I think we've got a pretty veteran staff. Really one rookie coach is getting the ropes in Frisman Jackson. Still you have to get your body, the hours that are demanded on you, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday it's pretty tough hours. They got a little taste of it last week.

(on country music stars attending practice)

This is where it's at. I'm glad they're comfortable coming out here, they like coming out here. We like them to come out and share what we're doing, and vice versa, we're big fans as well. We're at the CMA Fest, we're just as much fans as they are. It's been a good relationship, we're hoping for more.

(on the benefit of having a good relationship with country stars)

Everybody's talking about 'Titans, Titans.' They enjoy being around the country stars or anybody that's got a little bit of stardom to them.

(on what he needs to see more of from running back Khalfani Muhammad)

Just protections, we've had some protection breakdowns with him. Not blocking, who to block. I think he needs to get better with the assignments, if anything. He'll get plenty of work here in the next two games.

(on if the players understand that this preseason game is more important than the others)

Yeah I think it is. I think they realize that we're in game mode this week. I think when teams are doing the evaluating on all these players, they're looking at this game a little closer than they may the other ones. I think they understand (it's) a pretty important game.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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