Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on his outlook on Jurrell Casey)

I know he wants to play. We're going to just watch him. We gave him another day here. I'm glad we've got some time, but we're going to be smart, too. We've got a few more games here to play, and we need him to play in all of them if we can. We'll make a decision here by the end of the week.

(on if defensive line has the greatest depth on the roster)

I'd probably say that right now, yes. We're pretty fortunate, up front like that, to have the guys we have.

(on how to prepare knowing Denver will likely attack the cornerback position)*

Well, we're going to try to help them with the scheme, as well, knowing that already ahead of time. Our guys are going to be prepared. They're going to compete. They're going to be ready to play. We've got some guys that have started some games there with Valentino (Blake) and Brice (McCain) included over there, so that's the good thing. It's not like we're going in here stone cold, and it won't be a rookie, I can pretty much tell you that. I feel very confident in what our guys are going to be able to do on Sunday.

(on if the team prepares for Denver's offense as a whole rather than a specific quarterback)

Yeah, I mean it's the same. It's a very user-friendly offense that they have. You've seen quarterbacks be able to—like T.J. Yates even that they had in Houston—come in here and have success, so it's very user-friendly. It's what they do. That's what they have confidence in. I don't think it's who the quarterback is, so we're going to prepare for the offense.

(on if Denver's defensive speed on the outside is difficult to counter)

Their ability to change direction—it's pretty impressive watching it on tape. Some of the things you can do, teams have tried to do, which you can see it's not a good idea because of what they're capable of doing, especially (Von) Miller. No, there's things you can counter. We'll see. We're going to try it, certainly, on Sunday. There's things I know we can't do, and we'll stay away from it. That's a credit to those guys, their ability.

(on who will start at cornerback)*

We've got a number of options, so we're pretty fortunate. It's still I'll let you guys know by the end of the week.

(on if he is undecided at cornerback)

I'd read into it that we're still undecided. We're still giving them another day.

(on how the practice reps have been divided between the cornerbacks)

Pretty evenly across the board. Even if you're out here, seeing the nickel, (we're) giving those guys some reps, too.

(on if Valentino Blake's starting experience factors into the decision)

It does, it factors in. I'll say this again, Brice McCain is another one. We've got two guys that have started at corner. That does factor into it, yes.

(on if Brice McCain could start on the outside and be moved to the slot)

It depends on what the personnel is. Yeah, he's part of the package, as well, we're deciding on.

(on the value of having players that are versatile)

Yeah, we have some options. We're fortunate. That's another position we've added on in the offseason. We have some options compared to the last couple years.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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