Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on if it is easier to prepare for a divisional opponent the second time)

None of them are easy, really to be honest with you. None of them are easy. Again, they know you about as well as you know them, so you're trying to do something that they can't prepare for and somehow gain an advantage. So there's a lot more information you can use to study them and get a better idea of tendencies. But other than that, none of them are easy.

(on what jumped out about Rishard Matthews in free agency)*

A little bit of what you're seeing—obviously, big, thick receiver, really strong to the ball, strong hands, makes plays and contested catches, playmaker, which he's been doing here for the last six weeks. He's been making plays. Obviously, the touchdowns have been big plays, but a lot of what you're seeing was on tape. You know, he was hurt last year and only got so many games to show what he had. It's showing up again.

(on how to improve coverage across the middle of the field against the Colts)

You can change some things up. You can put people in different places. There's things we'll do to try to adjust for that. Yeah, we recognize where we were attacked, and we'll try to fix that.

(on if they will make more scheme changes than personnel changes in coverage)


(on how they define a dropped pass)

A ball that you can get your eyes on, not particularly your hands. If you can see the ball hit your hands, then that's a drop if you can't hold onto it.

(on why the team has had a low number of drops this season)

Concentration, good placement of where the ball is, catchable balls, accuracy from the quarterback, timing, eyes on it. The longer you can track it from the quarterback, the longer time you have to focus on the catch.

(on reliability being an important trait when they assembled the wide receiver group)

Yes, dependable guys that you can trust. Again, I give these guys credit. I've probably been harder on this unit than anybody on our team, and they're responding. They know what we want. They're working at it. They're coming here on their days off working their trait. We've got a mix of guys—a rookie that's playing in his 11th game, Rishard (Matthews) has come about. I give them credit. They have rebounded and helped us with our offense.

(on if this game against the Colts feels bigger than most)

I hate to say they're all big. This is just as important as this last one. We're trying to stay in the thick of things. Again, I've said it a long time ago, somebody's going to come out of this pack with a number of wins in a row. They always do. I don't know why it can't be us if we continue to play well, but it's important. They know it is, no matter who it is.

(on if he points to the first game against the Colts this season as an example to the team)

Every game, if you look back, I can count five plays on my hands that may have made the difference of that game. Turnovers, expecting an onside and not recovering it—those come to mind immediately, but there's always going to be those plays that who knows how the outcome would have been if we'd have not done those plays.

(on why the special teams unit has stabilized over the last few weeks)

Well, I think like in both other phases, we're playing better. We're making better decisions in some of the things we're doing. We're getting a lot of good work out here. We changed some things with the coaching change. The philosophy has changed somewhat, but again, I think the more we get to practice it, the more we get to do it in real life in games, the better we're getting.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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